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Top Pre-Law Resources on the Internet

Comprehensive Pre-Law Websites

Law School Admissions Council
This is the site of the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), the organization that creates and administers the LSAT exam. This is a must-view site, because the entire law school application process is going on-line, and LSAC runs the show. The site will allow you to register for the LSAT on-line, subscribe to the LSDAS (transcript reporting service), order LSAT study materials, obtain software for completing your law school applications, and participate in its letter of recommendation service. The site also contains the ABA/LSAC Guide to U.S. Law Schools, which includes information about every accredited law school. The Guide is searchable by criteria such as geographic location and GPA and LSAT scores. In addition, the site has a practice LSAT test available for free, and lots of other useful information about anything and everything pre-law.

Internet Legal Resource Guide
If you want pre-law information, this is the place! The ILRG is a categorized index of over 4,000 (yes, 4,000!) law-related websites. This site provides exhaustive information on law schools, LSAT preparation, application strategies, rankings, and pre-law materials from various colleges and universities. It also contains information about law firms, salaries, practice areas, legal research, and on and on and on. Truly one-stop shopping.

Hieros Gamos Legal Research Pre-Law Section
This site provides a long list of links to law schools, law firms, bar associations, legal journals, and other law-related topics. It offers five language choices.


Boston College Law School Locator
This is a great site. It allows you to input your GPA and LSAT score and receive a list of law schools where you'll be competitive. The locator lists the 25th to 75th percentile LSAT scores (where 80% of students fall) for all of the accredited law schools in the country.

U.S. News and World Report Rankings
This is the on-line version of the magazine's rankings. It's a decent site to obtain information, but remember that rankings of this sort are suspect, because they use criteria that may not be important to you. You need to develop a list of criteria for what you want in a law school, and then create your own ranking. Most law school deans and pre-law advisors strongly dislike the U.S. News rankings because they are rather arbitrary and are often “taken as gospel” by students.
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LSAT Preparatory Services

Many prep courses are available; new on-line courses are emerging every day, it seems. Kaplan and Princeton Review are included here because they are well-established and reputable.


Princeton Review
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Legal Careers

National Association for Law Placement (NALP)
This is the top site used for law students seeking employment. It provides data on trends in law practice, in-demand practice areas, salary surveys, legal recruitment, etc.

American Bar Association
There's also a pre-law section at www.abanet.org/legaled/prep.html
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Paralegal Education

National Federation of Paralegal Associations

National Association of Legal Assistants
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Financial Aid

U.S. Department of Education
This is the federal government's web site. It has links to various topics that provide general financial aid information (loans, grants, work-study, etc.) You should also consult the web sites of the law schools to which you are applying. Virtually every American law school has its own web site.

For more information about financial aid, consult "I Made It! But How Do I Pay For It?." It contains a more extensive list of law school financial aid web sites.

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