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Will the U.S. Military Pay for Me to Go to Law School? What is a "J.A.G." Lawyer, Anyway?

The U.S. Government employs hundreds of military attorneys through the Judge Advocate General's Corps, better known as the JAG Corps. Almost all of the attorneys serving in the JAG Corps obtained their law degrees before joining it. However, the Army JAG Corps accepts approximately two dozen active duty officers each year to participate in FLEP, the Funded Legal Education Program. The Navy and Marine Corps' JAG Program accepts a similar number. In the FLEP Program, you must apply to and be admitted to law school. The government pays your tuition, plus living expenses, as if you are "deployed" to law school. There is a multi-year service requirement upon graduation. And yes, JAG attorney's can be deployed into combat.

For more information, both the Army and the Navy/Marine JAG Corps have comprehensive web sites explaining their programs.

  • http://www.goarmy.com/jag/index.jsp
  • http://www.jag.navy.mil/


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