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Again, there are no required classes for law school. You can take what you want. I encourage students to take courses that interest them, because they will be more likely to do well in them. In general, I also suggest that a student (1) avoid easy or "gut" courses, because the quality of the courses you take will be taken into account by the law schools; (2) choose courses that stress writing and give you practice in it, because writing is perhaps the most important skill you will need as a lawyer; (3) choose courses that require you to think for yourself, rather than simply memorize material. The development of analytical skills (logical reasoning, argumentation, etc.) is important preparation for law school. You do not need to take an undergraduate law course. However, you may wish to do so to see if the subject matter and approach interests you. Many of the law courses on this campus are taught like law school courses (with casebooks, Socratic method, etc.), and so they can serve as some indication to you of whether you will enjoy the material and master it.

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