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Once again, it's the quality, not the quantity, that counts. Law schools are looking for people who excel. You can excel in one thing (music, track, ceramics, etc.) or you can excel by being a leader and a well-rounded person. You are not judged by the length of your list of undertakings, but by what you did, how dedicated you were, and what you learned from your endeavors. Do not pad your resume! Law schools can smell that a mile away. You shouldn't need to, anyway, particularly if you worked while going to college. The law schools understand that, between working and studying (and maybe raising a family, too), there is only so much time left for extracurricular activities. That's why it's important to focus on one or two things that you enjoy.

You need an extracurricular activity of some sort. Maybe two. You can accomplish this easily by volunteering somewhere—anywhere. Show that you care about someone other than yourself. Work for a food bank, a battered women's shelter, the Humane Society, Big Brothers/Sisters. Volunteer at your church, synagogue, or mosque. Be a tutor to younger students. Take care of an elderly relative. All of these things count as extracurricular. It doesn't have to be a college-based group or activity, and it doesn't have to be in the legal field — just so you do good quality work and learn something from it. Note: See me for a comprehensive list of local volunteer opportunities.


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