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Applying to Law School: Adding Up the Costs

Set Costs (Current as of Fall 2004)

LSAT Exam $115
LSDAS Fee $ 106
LSDAS Reports—6 at $12.00 each $ 72
Letter of Recommendation Service $ 0
LSAT Telephone Score Release $ 10
SCSU Transcripts $ 5
LSAT-Related Total: $308
Law School Application Fees—6 at $60.00
(They range from $40-$80 each; average $60.00)
Grand Total: $668

Other Costs

The above figures do NOT include:

  • Late fees that you might incur;
  • Prep courses range from $350 for an on-line course to approximately $1000 for a full-length Kaplan course;
  • Preparation materials (books, old LSAT exams, etc.) that you might wish to purchase to study for the LSAT;
  • Additional LSDAS Reports and law school application fees;
  • Photocopies and long distance phone calls;
  • The LSAC's CD-ROM or on-line application services;
  • Visits to law schools or to the Chicago Law School Forum;
  • Your seat deposit; or
  • Your mental and emotional energy.


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