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Urban Forestry Supervisor

Salary: $27.12-$33.11 hourly / $4,717-$5,759 monthly / Range: 5950

DEFINITION: Under administrative direction, plans, organizes, coordinates, and supervises the County's urban forestry programs; supervises the work of tree inspections staff and contractors; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a single-position class responsible for supervising urban forestry programs within the Transportation Division of the Public Works Department. This first-line supervisory class is distinguished from the Engineering Technician, Supervising class by having responsibility primarily for supervising projects involving tree removals and replacements. This class has some responsibility for supervising hardscape repair and construction activities; however, this responsibility is typically limited to projects funded through the Street Tree Partnership Program.


1. Supervises the County's Street Tree Partnership Program, which allows property owners in unincorporated, as well as some incorporated areas of the County to have work performed near or on their property, within appropriate public easements/rights-of-way, by paying a percentage of the cost of tree removal and replacement, as well as hardscape repair and construction; prepares and coordinates contract agreements with property owners; contacts contractors for proposals, accepts bids, and approves contracts, contracted work, and payments; supervises the permitting process; and oversees cost and change orders.
2. Supervises and coordinates tree inspection activities and contracted urban forestry work (i.e., planting, safety and routine trimming, removal, replacement, etc.) paid for by Measure D (sales tax revenues); coordinates bid distribution to contractors; awards bids to contractors; prepares contracts for submittal; and balances costs and change orders.
3. Supervises and coordinates the work of inspections staff and contractors; directs, trains, disciplines, and evaluates the performance of subordinate employees; and interviews and recommends or selects candidates for employment.
4. Administers the street tree management section of the division budget; monitors and controls resources and expenditures; collects deposits; and develops performance measures for department management.
5. Reviews and coordinates customer service requests; supervises and coordinates vegetation ordinance enforcement; provides public notice violations; responds to various department/neighborhood concerns relating to trees, landscape/hardscape planning, and contractual problems; and recommends appropriate resolutions.
6. Responds to emergency and/or politically sensitive situations involving County trees; assesses the situation and determines and recommends appropriate action(s); coordinates and represents the department at public meetings; provides information and assistance to the general public, community groups, and elected officials; and explains County rules, regulations, programs, policies, and procedures.


1. Four years of experience in arboriculture/urban forestry, and at least one year of experience administering or coordinating contracts, coordinating the work of contractors or functioning in a lead or supervisory capacity, and performing or inspecting hardscape repair, modification, and construction work. Acceptable arboriculture/urban forestry experience includes experiences in tree pruning/trimming, installation and establishment, removal and replacement, cabling and bracing, climbing, and diagnosis and treatment of tree problems (an associate's degree in arboriculture or closely related field may substitute for up to one year of the required arboriculture experience; a bachelor's degree in a related field may substitute for up to two years of the required arboriculture experience); or,
2. two years of experience performing duties equivalent to those of a Santa Barbara County Urban Forestry Inspector; or,
3. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Additional Qualifications: Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License is required at time of appointment, as independent travel throughout the County is necessary.

Knowledge of: local tree species; tree maintenance, planting, and removal methods and equipment; principles and practices of tree assessment, tree removal, site preparation, landscaping, species selection, and planting; arboreal insect and disease control methods and techniques; contract administration and monitoring principles and practices; safety practices associated with tree maintenance and related construction activities; and the proper methods of repairing, modifying, and constructing sidewalks, curbs, gutters, ramps, and aprons.

Ability to: direct, coordinate, and supervise subordinate and contracted personnel; learn the principles and practices of employee supervision, training, and evaluation; effectively schedule work activities and meet deadlines; effectively respond to and resolve complaints and inquiries from the public; learn the principles and practices of budget preparation and administration; participate in budget administration by monitoring and controlling expenditures; learn contract negotiation techniques; establish and maintain effective and productive working relationships with coworkers, members of other County departments and divisions, elected officials, representatives from outside agencies, contractors, and members of the community; prepare complex accurate written records and reports; and communicate clearly and effectively with subordinates, management, contractors, elected officials, representatives from other agencies, and members of the public.

Desirable Qualifications: Possession of a bachelor's degree in Urban Forestry, Arboriculture, Environmental Horticulture, or related field, and/or possession of a "Certified Arborist" designation by the International Society of Arboriculture is highly desirable at time of appointment.

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