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Treasurer-Tax Collector Operations Supervisor

Salary: $25.75-$31.44 hourly / $4,479-$5,468 monthly / Range: 5846

DEFINITION: Under direction, supervises the daily operations and staff of either the Treasury-Tax or Collections section of the Treasurer-Tax Collector Public Administrator/Public Guardian's Office, and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This class is the supervisory level in the Treasurer-Tax Collector's Operations Division. Incumbents in this class are required to possess knowledge and experience in one specialty area upon entry to the class. However, once on the job, incumbents are expected to acquire knowledge and experience in the other specialty as part of the department's succession planning efforts.

Incumbents in the Treasury-Tax Specialty are responsible for planning, administering, and supervising the receipt and processing of all County Treasury deposits, property tax payments, and general collections payments via direct, armored, wire, electronic funds transfer, and credit card transactions.

Incumbents in the Collections Specialty are responsible for planning, administering, and supervising collection and investigation activities for the secured, unsecured, and supplemental tax rolls as well as for court-ordered debts and other general collections; issuing business licenses; and administering the County's cable television discount and bankruptcy programs.


Both Specialties:

1. Plans, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the activities of a specialized section of the Operations Division; establishes division and employee performance standards; establishes, reviews, and modifies operational procedures; makes policy and ordinance revision recommendations to management; and responds to complex property tax billing/payment or collections inquiries and complaints by taxpayers and other concerned parties.
2. Interviews, selects, and trains paraprofessional and/or clerical staff; assigns and reviews work; evaluates staff performance; and participates in disciplinary action.
3. Acts as liaison to client departments, including: identifying departments' concerns regarding cash handling, property tax billing/payment and collection issues; providing related support and problem resolution; interpreting complex laws, ordinances, policies, and procedures; and providing information and training to County staff on new and revised cash processing and/or collections procedures.
4. Learns and may temporarily be assigned the duties of the other Treasurer-Tax Collector Operations Supervisor (Treasury-Tax or Collections) in order to fulfill the department's succession planning goals; and may assume various duties of the other Operations Supervisor in the absence of the other supervisor.

Treasury-Tax Specialty:

1. Establishes and implements cash handling procedures; negotiates and oversees contracts for cash handling and processing services and equipment; and trains Treasury-Tax section, departmental, County, special district, and school district staff to ensure that all funds are deposited in a timely, consistent, accurate, and secure manner.
2. Reconciles County Treasury, Auditor-Controller, and bank records and reports to ensure the accuracy of cash balances residing in these systems; and coordinates the preparation of financial information used to determine funds available for daily investment.
3. Schedules, trains, and supervises temporary staff from other Treasurer-Tax Collector divisions to ensure that public counter coverage is sufficient and that temporary staff is trained in current practices and procedures during peak property tax collection periods.
4. Acts as liaison with financial institutions, title/escrow companies, taxpayers, CORTAC, special districts, county and city schools, and armored car transport services in order to verify payments and fund balances, transfer funds, reconcile paper and electronic reports and files, and/or schedule deposit pickup and other banking services.
5. Provides operational support to various County departments using automated cashiering systems; recommends updates to automated cash and remittance processing systems as new technology becomes available or reporting requirements change; and supervises the maintenance of archival records and deposit history on microfilm, microfiche, and document imaging systems to comply with record retention guidelines.

Collections Specialty:

1. Defines and inputs collection parameters such as account type, complexity, dollar amount, and priority into automated collections system in order to control the work flow to staff; balances and reconciles individual collection accounts; extracts information from automated collection systems, prepares reports and disseminates information to client departments; analyzes accounts and prepares written recommendations to management regarding purging non-collectible accounts from collection system; and audits collections accounts to determine compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.
2. Reviews and revises the department's parameters for filing small claims court cases; evaluates account information to validate financial obligation owed to the County and debtor's ability to pay; verifies department's compliance with required procedures; authorizes recordation of liens, filing Summary Judgments in Superior Court, seizure of assets, and Small Claims Court filings; and processes difficult or confidential small claims court cases.
3. Refers collection accounts requiring litigation to County Counsel for legal action; obtains and prepares case evidence; and testifies in court regarding legality of debt and accuracy of departmental records.
4. Prepares written correspondence notifying taxpayers of the County's intent to conduct tax auctions of their delinquent properties; prepares and publishes legal ads for delinquent tax notifications; requests and reviews title searches on delinquent properties; answers complex questions regarding authority for and process of auctioning tax-delinquent properties; prepares letters to Board of Supervisor and legal documents necessary to authorize tax auctions; records legal documents with the County Clerk-Recorder; assists Treasurer-Tax Collector in conducting tax auctions; and analyzes and distributes excess proceeds from sale/auction.


Treasury-Tax Specialty

1. Possession of a bachelor's degree in finance or related field and two years of experience in a financial institution that included escrow, cash operations, and lead-worker responsibilities; or,
2. six years of increasingly responsible experience in financial institution operations that included escrow and cash operations duties, including two years of lead worker responsibilities; or,
3. two years experience performing duties equivalent to the class of Treasurer-Tax Collector Operations Specialist, Senior with Santa Barbara County; or,
4. equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Collections Specialty

1. Possession of a bachelor's degree in business administration or related field and two years of increasingly responsible property tax, general collections, and lead-worker experience; or,
2. sx years of increasingly responsible property tax and general collections experience, including two years of lead-worker responsibilities; or,
3. four years of experience performing duties equivalent to the class of Collections Officer II with the County of Santa Barbara; or,
4. equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.


Knowledge of: California State Revenue and Taxation Code, including property tax payment and collection systems; generally accepted accounting practices, procedures, and standards; and basic principles and practices of supervision, including planning, organizing, and evaluating work.

Ability to: plan, organize, prioritize, assign, train, and evaluate the work of staff; read, understand, interpret, and apply complex concepts, codes, regulations, and procedures; reconcile complex accounting information; research, evaluate, and analyze data, systems, and procedures; make and implement decisions and recommendations; prepare written reports and correspondence; establish and maintain effective working relationships, including negotiating with difficult clients while enforcing related tax codes; work independently; operate a personal computer; learn software programs used by the department; and learn and apply advanced principles and practices of supervision, including hiring, evaluating, and disciplining staff.


Knowledge of: cash management principles and practices, including cash handling, cash control, transfer of funds; and negotiability of banking instruments.

Ability to: learn collection principles, practices, terminology, and related automated systems.


Knowledge of: collection laws, practices, and techniques, including skiptracing and seizure of property; small claims and bankruptcy court procedures as they apply to government agencies; types of debt; secured, unsecured, and supplemental taxes; investigative procedures applicable to the collection of delinquent accounts; interviewing techniques used to obtain factual information; and courtroom etiquette and procedures associated with the collection of accounts.

Ability to: negotiate payment plans; seize and auction property; and learn cash management and control practices, methods, terminology, and related automated systems.

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