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Solid Waste Program Manager

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under administrative direction, plans, directs, evaluates, and manages a variety of integrated solid waste collection, recycling, and diversion programs; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This class is distinguished from Public Works Program Specialist, Senior in that the Program Manager has responsibility for comprehensive planning and implementation of integrated solid waste management programs and supervises professional staff. Incumbents in the Public Works Program Specialist, Senior class act as lead workers or coordinate, implement, and maintain complex and/or specialized water resources or solid waste programs.


1. Manages County solid waste collection, diversion, and recycling programs by making long-range plans to meet state mandates, negotiating contracts with solid waste haulers and consultants, providing policy direction in the development of solid waste programs and facilities for the diversion of solid waste, and recommending adjustments to solid waste fee structure to the Deputy Public Works Director - Solid Waste & Utilities.
2. Plans, assigns, reviews and evaluates work of Solid Waste Program staff; interviews and recommends staff for hire; and trains staff in solid waste collection, diversion, and recycling programs.
3. Prepares, administers, and monitors the program unit's budget including solid waste diversion, resource recovery, and planning programs; develops and evaluates performance measures; authorizes payments for contracted services; and participates in resolution of disputed contractual matters.
4. Directs solid waste collection, diversion, and recycling programs through staff including: reviewing staff recommendations for new programs and changes to existing programs such as requests for proposals and grant submissions; directing the development, revision, and implementation of policies and procedures; explaining and interpreting policies and procedures for staff; and responding to complaints regarding programs.
5. Reviews and analyzes policies, guidelines, and legislation related to solid waste operations to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations and laws; reviews and analyzes proposed legislation and provides recommendations for action to department; prepares or directs updates to solid waste management planning documents to reflect changes in law or County operations; meets with local officials and groups to solicit input on program design, and to gain cooperation and participation in programs; prepares administrative studies and reports on regulatory compliance; enforces refuse disposal laws through supervision of Refuse Inspectors at disposal sites; and directs staff actions on disputed violations of solid waste disposal and handling laws.
6. Reviews and provides comments to the Planning and Development Department and applicants on local environmental review documents for proposed and planned projects and facilities for compliance with solid waste management mitigation measures.
7. Conducts workshops for the public to explain and generate support for proposed solid waste collection, diversion, and recycling projects; makes presentations to local task force and Board of Supervisors to advise and provide updates on solid waste programs and issues; and provides comment and testimony to State legislative and public bodies regarding solid waste program development and regulatory issues to minimize adverse impacts on County programs.
8. Represents the County at solid waste program-related conferences, workshops, and meetings to maintain current knowledge of field and to provide information about County's programs.

EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS: Possession of a bachelor's degree in environmental studies, hydrology; biological sciences, natural resources management, urban or regional planning, geology, soil science, or a related field; and:

1. three years of progressively responsible professional experience in the planning and implementation of integrated solid waste recycling and diversion programs that included lead work responsibilities or,
2. one year of experience performing solid waste recycling or diversion duties equivalent to the class of Public Works Program Specialist, Senior with Santa Barbara County; or,
3. equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: principles and practices of integrated solid waste management, including recycling, source reduction, and diversion programs; local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to solid waste management; budgeting, including planning and monitoring; solid waste diversion, resource recovery, and source reduction programs and equipment; recycling processing technology and equipment; short- and long-range planning; federal and state laws and regulations for long-range solid waste disposal and facilities planning; solid waste materials and their uses as recoverable resources; composting technology, techniques, and equipment; performance management; contract management; basic math to compute costs of programs; statistics to analyze program data; and standard English, grammar, usage, and syntax.

Ability to: review and analyze information, and develop valid recommendations; prepare and give presentations before community groups and governing bodies; read, analyze, and interpret laws, regulations, policies, and procedures related to solid waste programs for staff, public officials, and the public; negotiate contracts; communicate effectively to persuade others with differing points of view and to explain technical regulations to the public; facilitate public meetings; prepare clear and concise plans, reports, and correspondence using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling; establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, staff, public officials, other agencies, and the public; organize work and set priorities to meet deadlines; work independently; and organize, prioritize, and delegate work of self and others.


Knowledge of: principles and practices of supervision; interviewing techniques to conduct hiring interviews and select staff; personnel practices relating to disciplining employees and resolving grievances; and County solid waste operations and programs.

Ability to: supervise staff, including planning, organizing, assigning, reviewing, and evaluating work; and train staff.

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