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Solid Waste Operations Manager

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under administrative direction, plans and manages countywide transfer station and landfill operations; coordinates solid waste processing operations with planning and engineering staff; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a single-position class that reports to an assistant department head. It is distinguished from the Refuse Supervisor class in that it is responsible for coordination and long-range planning of all transfer station and landfill operations, rather than for daily operations of a single transfer station or landfill.


1. Through subordinates: supervises the safe and efficient transport and disposal of solid waste, including household, industrial, infectious, medical, and household hazardous materials; supervises ancillary solid waste field operations, including equipment operations and repair, recycling, and enforcement of refuse disposal laws.
2. Coordinates solid waste processing operations with planning and engineering staff to ensure the success of new programs and facilities; analyzes field operations and formulates improvements to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations; performs long-range planning for staffing needs, equipment replacement, and other operational requirements.
3. Manages the development, revision, and implementation of policies and procedures for solid waste field operations; drafts budget for transfer station and landfill operations; prepares Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for equipment and services; represents the division in negotiations with vendors and service contractors, and participates in contract administration in disputed contractual matters; prepares Board letters for renewal of contracts; prepares staff reports, including reports for presentation to Board of Supervisors; prepares tonnage reports and makes recommendations regarding change in fees.
4. Selects and trains operations staff; assists supervisory staff in resolving the most difficult operational or supervisory problems; establishes standards, prepares annual performance plans, evaluates performance, and reviews performance evaluations prepared by subordinate supervisors; takes and approves disciplinary actions.
5. Represents the division to the public in matters related to solid waste field operations and to private waste haulers regarding safety and operational issues; directly or through subordinates, responds to complaints from transfer station and landfill users by explaining and enforcing applicable laws and regulations; participates in public workshops to explain and generate support for proposed projects and facilities; may address the Board of Supervisors to answer questions about issues or proposals related to solid waste operations.


1. Three years of supervisory experience in a construction, processing, or production field operation that included a large workforce performing diverse functions, as well as extensive public contact. At least one year of the required experience must be in the field of solid waste management; or,
2. three years of experience performing duties equivalent to Refuse Supervisor with Santa Barbara County; or,
3. equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Basic knowledge of: principles and practices of integrated solid waste management; other state and federal laws pertaining to solid waste management; contract negotiation and administration.

Knowledge of: principles and practices of management and supervision; budget preparation; principles and practices of effective customer service; standard English usage and grammar.

Ability to: plan, organize, prioritize, and delegate work; learn and adapt to changing laws and regulations pertaining to solid waste management and disposal; coordinate the work of sections with diverse functions; foster cooperation among subordinate staff; work cooperatively as part of a management team; develop and implement short- and long-range plans; prepare narrative and statistical reports; analyze data and situations, make recommendations, and formulate options, strategies, and solutions; establish and maintain working relationships with colleagues, regulatory agencies, vendors, service contractors, and members of the public; exercise tact, diplomacy, and objectivity in representing the division; manage the performance of a large, diverse staff.

Independent travel throughout the County is required.

Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License is required.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATION: Possession of a certification in solid waste management issued by the Solid Waste Management Association of North America.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Work environment may regularly expose the incumbent to such conditions as: unpleasant odors, diesel exhaust, hazardous materials, and hazards from moving vehicles and equipment.

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