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Road Maintenance Manager

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under general direction, manages the Road Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department; and performs other duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a single position class with responsibility for managing the operations of a large division consisting of regional offices throughout the county.

Road Maintenance Superintendent is distinguished from this class in that the Superintendent class is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of a regional road maintenance office.


1. Coordinates the activities of the regional offices, supervises the area Superintendents, and is responsible for:

* surface treatment, drainage maintenance, installation and maintenance of traffic signs and markings, the road excavation/encroachment and transportation permitting activities;
* establishing work schedules for major projects, setting priorities, and ensuring the appropriate assignment of equipment, materials, and personnel;
* evaluating policies, procedures, and programs to identify problem areas;
* developing and implementing changes to policies and procedures to improve field operations and conditions, standardize procedures, and ensure compliance with technical standards, specifications, and legal requirements;
* analyzing existing and proposed state and federal legislation evaluating the impact of legislation, and recommending appropriate offsetting actions;
* gathering and analyzing data in order to determine the needs of the division, anticipated revenues, expenditures, and major projects for the preparation of a long range financial plan;
* consulting with executive staff members and division managers regarding department plans which may impact the financial plan and budget;
* keeping abreast of current trends, issues, and practices, such as technological changes in the composition of compounds used in surface treatment;
* conferring with experts and contacting the State for information regarding technological changes and problems;
* assisting engineering and design staff in the preparation of contracts for large projects by providing technical advice regarding the use of materials, methods, and equipment.

2. Directs, monitors, and inspects work performed under contracts and/or permits; estimates labor, equipment, and material costs for special projects; supervises and monitors annual road maintenance programs, such as surface preparation and drainage improvement, to ensure timely and proper completion; reviews and interprets plans and specifications and recommends modifications; consults with and coordinates the activities of other road divisions and county departments, contractors, engineering firms, consultants, city, state and federal agencies involved in road maintenance projects to ensure optimum production and utilization of personnel and equipment; directs field operations during emergencies such as storms, fires, and floods.
3. Plans, coordinates, and supervises, directly or through subordinate staff, the work of supervisory, technical, maintenance, and clerical personnel; selects staff; reviews and evaluates the work of staff; evaluates the need for disciplinary actions and participates in disciplinary procedures; meets with employees and members of employee organizations to discuss and resolve grievances; identifies the need for and provides training for staff in workplace safety and equipment operating procedures.
4. Directs the preparation and management of the division budget; monitors revenues and expenditures; makes fiscal and staffing recommendations; reviews and approves expenditure requests for services, equipment, and materials; directs reallocation of funds to cover unprojected costs; analyzes permit fee schedule and related costs and makes recommendations to adjust fees as appropriate; analyzes the need for state and federal funds and makes recommendations to executive staff members regarding the appropriate use of funds.
5. Manages the procurement, replacement, and repair of county road maintenance vehicles, and other heavy and specialized equipment; determines equipment needs to meet program requirements; authorizes purchase of and payment for equipment.
6. Investigates, evaluates, and responds to claims and lawsuits regarding road maintenance activities and hazardous or poor road conditions; meets with and speaks to citizen groups or property owners to settle disputes, explain departmental operations and procedures, and obtain input regarding road maintenance projects; appears in court as an expert witness regarding road maintenance issues.
7. Prepares a variety of statistical and narrative reports relating to the budget and claims against the County; prepares other written material for the division such as goals, objectives, policies, procedures, work standards, and controls.


1. Three years experience managing the design, construction, or maintenance of a public road system; or,
2. three years experience performing duties equivalent to Road Maintenance Superintendent with Santa Barbara County; or,
3. equivalent combination of training, education, or experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Possession of a valid Class C California Driver's License.

Knowledge of: the practices, methods, techniques, and equipment used in road maintenance; the principles and techniques of selection, supervision, evaluation, and training of staff; the methods of budget preparation and financial management; the methods used to estimate the cost of materials and equipment; public relations; safety practices.

Ability to: learn and interpret the federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations relating to road maintenance work; develop and implement programs, procedures, and policies; identify and resolve operating problems; analyze, draw conclusions, and make evaluations and recommendations; read and interpret maps, plans and specifications; prepare statistical and narrative reports; make decisions and exercise independent judgement; speak before groups; establish and maintain working relationships with staff, public, and government officials.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Incumbents will be required to work in the field, drive distances up to 100 miles, be available to respond to emergency situations, and work irregular hours.

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