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Risk Program Administrator

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under general direction, plans, organizes, and directs the Liability/Loss Prevention programs of the County's Risk Management Office; coordinates and participates in the investigation, adjustment, and litigation of major claims; coordinates legal representation related to such programs; directs the work of professional and/or clerical staff responsible for administering claims; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a management classification located in the General Services Department, responsible to an Assistant General Services Director for the development and implementation of liability/loss prevention policies designed to limit the County's exposure to risk from civil and tort claims.


1. Plans, organizes, and directs the risk management activities of the Liability/Loss Prevention program of the County, including: loss prevention, occupational safety and health, risk funding and insurance, and tort litigation; reviews open cases to assess the need for revised reserves or approach to managing the case; acts as a consultant to other County departments and develops policies and programs designed to limit the County's exposure to risk.
2. Assigns, supervises, and reviews work of risk management staff; directs County's investigation, adjustment, and settlement of claims; investigates difficult and complex property and liability claims; determines extent of County liability and estimates settlement value of claims; makes adjustments and settles claims within assigned monetary authority; coordinates legal aspects of claims with County Counsel; confers with County management and employees to discuss risk mitigation, safety, and employment practices to reduce civil, and other claims.
3. Develops and provides periodic statistical, financial, and other performance reports on risk management activities and loss data on departments to department management and the Board of Supervisors; compiles and analyzes data on trends to identify high-risk areas and develop action plans to address these areas; reviews and analyzes new statutes, regulations, and case law to determine their impact on the program.
4. Develops claims administration policies and procedures to assure prompt notification and effective handling of losses and to meet audit requirements for budget and reserve control; reviews contracts, leases, and purchase documents to reduce risk exposure through hold-harmless provisions, bonding, or insurance requirements; surveys the County's equipment, facilities, and practices to identify potential liabilities and hazards and to evaluate insurable risk.
5. Reviews self-insurance programs on an ongoing basis for adequate coverage and cost-effectiveness as compared to available outside insurance; writes specifications for purchase of insurance and negotiates contracts; prepares financial plan, budget, and premium rates for assigned program.


1. Two years of comprehensive experience in the investigation, adjustment, and settlement of a wide variety of general liability and property claims, including one year of supervisory experience; or,
2. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: general principles of public liability; principles of risk funding and insurance, types of insurance and related contracts, indemnification, and underwriting; principles of risk transfer; contract negotiation techniques; risk management program development, implementation, and evaluation; liability claims process; applicable federal and state legal and administrative requirements; principles and practices of supervision.

Ability to: coordinate and oversee multiple activities related to a variety of loss prevention programs; read, understand, and interpret actuarial reports and risk triangles; analyze loss trends and modify program operations accordingly; prepare cost/benefit studies and establish program reserves; develop and monitor a division budget; supervise, train, and evaluate employees; communicate orally and in writing; communicate effectively with internal and external customers, and vendors; make public presentations and testify in court; read, interpret, analyze, and apply relevant laws and regulations; establish and maintain working relationships with County departments and Board of Supervisors, other government agencies and boards, vendors, and providers of professional services.

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