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Public Health Deputy Director

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under administrative direction, directs the operations of the Administrative, Community Health or Primary Care & Family Health division of the Public Health Department through subordinate managers; as a member of the executive team, assists the Director in developing and implementing the department's strategic plan, and in formulating departmental policies within designated divisions; acts for the Director in his or her absence; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is an at-will, assistant department head class. Incumbents are exempt from Civil Service and serve at the pleasure of the Public Health Director. This class is distinguished by its broad scope of authority and responsibility for directing the operations of one of the Public Health Department divisions.


1. Provides executive leadership, vision, and direction in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and services in the Community Health, Primary Care & Family Health, or Administration division; as part of the department's executive team, establishes department direction, and ensures consistency in the department's programmatic vision; directs negotiations conducted by department managers by setting goals and establishing financial and other parameters; interprets departmental policies and provides direction to subordinate managers; coordinates the implementation of programs that involve multiple divisions.
2. Coordinates the strategic planning efforts of the Public Health Department; collaborates with executive team and managers to develop a vision and direction for the Public Health Department; writes the strategic plan and develops a process for implementation; ensures managers take appropriate corrective action necessary for the successful implementation of the strategic plan; updates the plan as necessary with input from the executive and management team; monitors contractor and program performance and impact measures for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of service delivery; reviews progress on the strategic and capital plans quarterly with executive team and the County Administrator's Office.
3. Addresses the Board of Supervisors, making presentations and answering questions on issues affecting the Public Health Department; monitors legislation, and meets with state legislators and/or their staff to discuss proposed legislation and other issues affecting the department, including gathering information and providing feedback; makes recommendations to the Public Health Director and to the Board of Supervisors regarding support of or opposition to proposed legislation; may meet with state legislators and/or their staff to advocate for passage, modification, or defeat of proposed legislation at the behest of the Board of Supervisors.
4. Makes presentations and represents the Public Health Department to community groups, various policy councils, and at state and regional meetings about public health programs to garner support for public health programs and increase community awareness of public health issues; acts as liaison to the community and to other County departments on issues affecting designated public health programs; forges partnerships with other agencies and community organizations to undertake joint public health projects; consults with representatives from other departments affected by proposed legislation to determine the most appropriate response; confers with other departments to discuss and resolve issues affecting those departments, as well as the Public Health Department; represents the department in relations with other County departments regarding sensitive and critical programmatic issues; may serve on board of directors of community groups outside of regular work hours; makes presentations to the public, other agencies, business groups, and the media to explain the role, mission, and accomplishments of the Public Health Department.
5. Directly, and through subordinate managers: prepares and monitors the budget for either the Community Health or the Primary Care & Family Health division; reviews and approves staff budget requests, and determines priorities and alternate sources of funding; makes final budget recommendations for the division to the Director; directs subordinate managers in the development and utilization of program performance and impact measures; monitors and approves grants and contracts; negotiates major service or capital contracts on behalf of the Director; acts for the director in his or her absence and makes decisions regarding the allocation of departmental resources in support of the Public Health Department's mission and goals.
6. Participates in the selection of managerial staff; establishes standards, evaluates performance, and takes disciplinary action; determines the need for staff development and arranges for or provides appropriate training.


1. Four years of management experience in the health care field, that included budget development and monitoring, supervision of staff, and strategic plan development; or
2. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: principles of healthcare services administration; principles of management analysis and organizational design sufficient to analyze, recommend, develop, and evaluate programs, policies, and organizational structures; strategic planning process; principles, practices, and methods of organizational budgeting; principles and practices of contract administration; federal and state laws, statutes, and regulations pertaining to the administration and delivery of healthcare services; principles and practices of supervision, staff development, and performance management; negotiation methods; organizational development; modern management principles; and standard English usage and grammar; arithmetic including percentages.

Ability to: plan, organize, prioritize, and delegate work; communicate tactfully, convincingly, and effectively both orally and in writing; interpret, analyze, and explain data; define complex problems and implement effective solutions; make and defend decisions and recommendations and project their consequences; formulate, establish, and explain policy; interpret, apply, and explain complex guidelines, laws and regulations; establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, staff, other departments, elected officials, and community groups; exercise tact and diplomacy.

Desirable Qualifications: A master's degree in public health, public health administration, or public administration is desirable. Management experience in a public health setting is preferred.

Desirable Knowledge: public health program management; and governmental budgeting.

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