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Project Manager - E-Government

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under administrative direction of the General Services Director, leads and directs multidisciplinary teams which are responsible for completing specialized and highly technical projects; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Project Managers are distinguished from departmental managers by the primary assignment of highly skilled and specialized project management of time-limited highly technical projects. Project Managers are also distinguished from departmental managers by the management of multidisciplinary teams made up of professionals from all sectors of the County, external consultants, citizen participation advisors, members assigned from other governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.

Projects for this specialty include, but are not limited to:

E-Government Initiative: In collaboration with County departments and advisory committees: develops and documents system policies and procedures for an e-Government presence on the World Wide Web (WWW) for the County of Santa Barbara; develops and documents processes to initiate and receive Internet transactions; develops an implementation schedule, training program, and budget; extends developed process to all departments; establishes periodic reviews, and analyzes tracking information and processes for quality and effectiveness.

Data Warehousing: In collaboration with County departments and advisory committees: assists the project team in the development and documentation of systems, policies, and procedures for a data warehousing system; assists the team in the development and documentation of processes to add data to and retrieve data from the data warehouse; assists the team in extending these processes to all departments.


1. Possession of a bachelor's degree and significant professional experience in: a) project management of multidisciplinary team(s), preferably in the public sector or a service-oriented agency in the private sector; and, b) system development and management; or,
2. a combination of training, education, and experience equivalent to the employment standard listed above that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: the principles and practices of project management; process engineering and re-engineering techniques and practices; principles and practices of specific technical field associated with project; principles and practices of business and public administration; research, analytical, and data collection techniques; principles and practices of management, supervision, leadership, and training; federal and state regulations related to the project; budget administration; management systems and their relationship to general organizational strategy; technologies employed in Web application development; principles of systems analysis; principles of organizational development; word processing, spreadsheets, and database systems; Microsoft Web application suite, including IIS, MTS, ASP, COM, and DCOM; principles, practices, methods, and techniques of application systems, computer programming, and data processing controls; County organization, structure, values, and culture; integrated planning and implementation of technical and organizational system change; program performance budgeting; principles and practices of performance measurement and benchmarking.

Ability to: manage project and multidisciplinary team activities; direct the flow of multiple projects and tasks simultaneously; build effective and productive teams; establish organizational work group goals; manage Web applications development projects; establish, balance, and adjust priorities; understand Web application WAN topology design considerations; promote a customer-oriented approach toward meeting the needs of the County; develop cost-effective, performance-driven, management systems; prepare and present clear and concise oral and written communications; prepare a variety of narrative documents, including policy statements, management reports, and correspondence; speak effectively before small and large groups; establish standards and evaluate performance; provide advice and consultation to system users; review and analyze a variety of technical review comments on projects, and recommend appropriate action; resolve operational and procedural problems and conflicts in an equitable, responsive, but decisive manner; respond effectively to a variety of changing situations; interpret, manage, and prepare program performance budgets at the unit, cost center, division, department, and project level; develop and advocate technology; influence and promote change within an organization and effectively communicate and sell ideas; accomplish high-quality work within established time limits; anticipate controversial issues and political questions and deal with them effectively; develop and implement automation systems; establish and maintain effective working relationships, professional credibility, and trust with system users, applicants and reviewers, other County personnel, and the public; exercise tact, discretion and political acumen; elicit information; and listen and facilitate effectively.

Evidence of: a past track record of being able to work with minimal supervision; delivering a product on time, on budget, and with sensitivity to the subject matter; proven experience with management principles and techniques and the ability to direct the flow of multiple projects and tasks simultaneously; the use of extensive initiative and independent judgment; strong pro-active and positive leadership experience.

Desirable Qualifications: a graduate degree in public or business administration or field related to the project; supervisory experience; experience in the management of information systems, development, construction, project review, development and installation of financial and budgetary systems, or other project delivery- oriented disciplines related to the specific project; all aspects of complex project management involving multi-agency matrix organizations; strategic planning; process engineering; resource allocation; program evaluation; and budget development and monitoring; knowledge of E-government applications and tools.

Desirable Skills: possesses the ability to identify systems problems and recommend corrective actions; strong team building skills, political astuteness; and the ability to coordinate and conduct public meetings.


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