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Project Manager - CalWIN

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under the administrative direction of a Deputy Social Services Director, leads and directs multi-disciplinary teams which are responsible for the CalWIN implementation and agency transformation efforts for the Department of Social Services; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This single-position class is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the implementation of the CalWIN automated system and related business process re-engineering. Project Managers are distinguished from departmental managers by the primary assignment of highly skilled and specialized project management of time-limited highly technical projects. Project Managers are also distinguished from departmental managers by the management of multi-disciplinary teams made up of professionals from all sectors of the County, external consultants, members assigned from other governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.

As part of a consortium of 17 other California counties, Santa Barbara County has contracted with a vendor to develop CalWIN, which will replace the County's current welfare systems with an application running on an entirely new technological infrastructure. This new automated system will provide opportunities for a substantial realignment of business processes. CalWIN is an $8,000,000 project with an estimated planning and implementation time frame of at least three years.


1. Directs and manages a multi-disciplinary team in the development of plans, goals, objectives, strategies, policies, and procedures for completing the implementation of the CalWIN automated system and related business process re-engineering; develops, implements, and evaluates the future vision and business needs for customer service, infrastructure, and support systems required to drive the new organizational strategy and work processes; develops project schedule and budget and identifies dependencies and critical path; maintains fiscal oversight of the CalWIN project, including monitoring expenditures, coordinating fiscal needs and allocation/claiming procedural revisions with the Chief Financial Officer, and negotiating contracts and memoranda of understanding with vendors, other departments, state agencies, and community organizations; plans and determines time requirements and allotment of available resources to various phases of the project; procures resources necessary to carry out defined tasks; establishes a work plan and staffing levels for each phase of the project; confers with project staff to outline work plan and to assign duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority; directs and coordinates activities of project personnel to ensure the project progresses on schedule and within the prescribed budget; identifies potential delays and develops mitigation strategies; coordinates project activities with activities of government regulatory and/or other government agencies; coordinates intra- and interdepartmental matters necessary to expedite the project; facilitates and troubleshoots the solution of problems associated with designing, implementing, leading, and completing the project.
2. Directs and manages CalWIN technical infrastructure design and installation; determines technical coexistence applications, levels, activities, and roles; coordinates network design with departmental information systems personnel, County Information Technology staff, CalWIN technical project team, and partner agencies; ensures adherence to CalWIN technical specifications and additional requirements in order to meet County coexisting modeling; determines leverage of existing equipment and server space; develops strategies to resolve technical certification issues and mitigate risks; monitors technical tasks and hardware and software procurement and installation to ensure meeting project deadlines, County timelines, and budget constraints.
3. Establishes and maintains contact with internal and external stakeholders to provide information and ensure their commitment to the re-engineering process and CalWIN implementation; participates on the departmental CalWIN Steering Committee and chairs project management meetings; prepares press releases, newsletters, project summaries, mailings, and other informational material in developing the public relations component of the CalWIN project; serves as the County's principal point of contact for customers such as citizen groups, community-based organizations, and the public by responding to inquiries and providing information pertaining to the status of the project; promotes staff acceptance of and preparation for functioning in the new business environment.
4. Confers with management and provides technical advice on the potential impacts of the project on such areas as organization, staffing, procedures, and budget and to assure smooth functioning of newly implemented system and processes; prepares project reports and presentations for upper management, the Board of Supervisors, and other legislative bodies; creates and maintains County-level project control documentation using project management tools; maintains tracking of issues and risks, including approved resolutions and mitigation strategies.
5. Coordinates the selection of project staff; evaluates performance; provides feedback to departmental managers regarding staff performance; identifies staff performance issues and provides assistance in overcoming problem areas.
6. Facilitates the CalWIN training function; provides guidance to personnel assigned to staff development on project training requirements, planning activities, and schedules; coordinates with staff development personnel to ensure the timely completion of CalWIN and business process training.


1. Possession of a bachelor's degree in public or business administration, management of information systems/technology, computer science, or other discipline related to the CalWIN project and significant professional experience in: a) project management of multi-disciplinary team(s) in a public sector or a social service-oriented agency in the private sector; and b) automated system and business process re-engineering planning, development, implementation, and management, preferably in a public social services agency; or,
2. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: the principles and practices of project management, including the use of automated tracking tools; operations and functions of social services agencies, including job functions, service delivery, and support functions; principles of network integration, client-server architecture, operating systems, database design, and office automation as they relate to public social services agencies; process engineering and re-engineering techniques and practices; principles and practices of business and public administration; research, analytical, and data collection techniques; administrative problem solving methods; principles and practices of management, supervision, leadership, performance evaluation, and training; budget and contract administration and negotiation techniques; emergency, contingency, and strategic planning and implementation methods of technical and organizational system change; program performance budgeting; principles and practices of performance measurement and benchmarking.

Ability to: manage project and multi-disciplinary team activities; direct the flow of multiple projects and tasks simultaneously; build effective and productive teams; establish organizational work group goals; determine courses of action and evaluate the impact of decisions on project activities, timelines, and budget; develop strategies and alternate solutions for resolving issues and mitigating risks; develop cost-effective, performance-driven, management systems; prepare and present clear and concise oral and written communications, including statistical information; prepare a variety of narrative documents, including policy statements, management reports, and correspondence; speak effectively before small and large groups; communicate information about complex technical systems to individuals of varying levels of experience; establish standards and evaluate performance; provide advice and consultation to system users; resolve technical operational and procedural problems and conflicts in an equitable, responsive, but decisive manner; respond effectively to a variety of changing situations, accelerated deadlines, and competing priorities and resources; interpret, manage, and prepare program performance; develop and advocate technology; influence and promote change within an organization and effectively communicate and sell ideas; anticipate controversial issues and political questions and deal with them effectively; develop and implement automation systems; establish and maintain effective working relationships, professional credibility, and trust with system users, specialized technical staff, consultants, other County personnel, and staff from other agencies; exercise tact, discretion and political acumen; elicit information; listen and facilitate effectively.

Desirable Qualifications: a graduate degree in public or business administration, management of information systems/technology, computer science, or other discipline related to the CalWIN project; supervisory experience in a public social services agency; experience in managing network integration, client-server architecture, operating systems, database design, and office automation efforts in a public social services agency; knowledge of current issues, trends, and legislation relating to public social services; knowledge of computer hardware and software evaluation and procurement methods and techniques.


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