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Polygraph Examiner

Salary: $30.15-$36.80 hourly / $5,243-$6,401 monthly / Range: 6162

DEFINITION: Under general supervision, as a non-sworn employee, interviews and conducts polygraph examinations of job applicants and witnesses, suspects and others involved in criminal cases; and performs related duties as required.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Using a standard departmental format, interviews and conducts polygraph examinations of applicants for positions which have access to criminal offender record information; interviews witnesses, suspects, investigators and others involved in criminal matters to determine issues in the case; develops an interrogation format for each case and conducts polygraph examinations to determine if the subjects are truthful or deceptive; analyzes and interprets the results of the interviews and examinations from the polygraph charts and prepares comprehensive written reports which summarize the findings of the examinations; performs routine maintenance and upkeep on the polygraph instruments and tape recorder; testifies in court as an expert witness on the polygraph examinations; maintains records from the interviews and examinations.

EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS: A certificate of completion of instruction provided by a polygraph school accredited by the American Polygraph Association.

Knowledge of: Interview and interrogation methods, techniques and laws; polygraph principles, practices, and equipment; the physiology and psychological principles involved in polygraph examinations; the basic mechanics and functions of polygraph instruments and the physiological phenomena they record; court procedures and current rules of evidence.

Ability to: operate a multichannel polygraph instrument; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; analyze the results of the examination and make a determination that the examinee is truthful or deceptive.


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