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Planning And Special Projects Manager

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DEFINITION: Under administrative direction, plans and manages a comprehensive health education program; manages a variety of short-term and long-range projects related to measuring and enhancing the performance of the department and developing a strategic plan for the department; performs related duties as assigned.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a single-position class that reports to the Assistant Director of Health Care Services. In addition to performing research, analysis, and coordination for a variety of special projects, the incumbent is also responsible for carrying out the statutory functions of the Director of Health Education.


1. Plans State and federally-mandated health education programs in such areas as: tobacco control, bicycle safety, AIDS, and dental disease prevention; negotiates and awards contracts to community agencies to provide health education services; develops and monitors program and administrative budgets; advises subcontractors on technical matters; monitors program effectiveness and evaluates performance of subcontractor's personnel; may terminate or transfer a contract.
2. Acts as departmental liaison to community health organizations in order to make contacts, share information, identify and pool resources, affect policy, assess needs in the community, and launch collaborative projects; represents the department on local committees devoted to public health concerns.
3. Seeks funding for departmental projects and programs from a variety of sources; researches new funding arrangements, such as establishment of an independent foundation to serve as fiscal intermediary for grant moneys; prepares grant applications and proposals.
4. With other management staff: establishes outcome measures for health care programs and evaluates program effectiveness; develops improvements in health care service delivery; makes recommendations for maintaining quality of service in order to ensure continued funding.
5. Negotiates, monitors, and administers contract with provider(s) of Emergency Medical Services; acts as liaison to Fire Department and State regarding issues such as coordination of services, contract audits, etc.
6. Coordinates management review and analysis of proposed legislation to determine the potential impact on the department; advises County legislative analyst regarding the department's stance on proposed legislation; with executive and management staff, formulates department response to new or changed requirements resulting from legislation; researches and analyzes current trends in public health care, in order to coordinate the formulation of a strategic plan for the department.
7. May act as the department's designated spokesperson with the media by granting interviews, holding press conferences, and responding to media inquiries.
8. Selects and trains staff and university interns; plans and assigns work; establishes standards, evaluates performance, and takes disciplinary action; selects contract staff; negotiates employment contracts.

EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS: (in accordance with California Health and Safety Code, Title 17, Section 1304). Possession of a master's degree with specialization in public or community health education, three years of paid professional experience in health education, and:

1. Two years of experience, preferably in public health administration, that included two or more of the following: research and analysis, fundraising/grant applications, contract negotiation, or community relations; or,
2. equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge abilities.

Knowledge of: contemporary public health issues; standard English usage and grammar; grant application process; competitive bidding process; contract administration; education theory; principles and practices of supervision; negotiation methods; strategic planning and organizational development.

Ability to: plan, organize, prioritize, and delegate work; analyze and evaluate data and develop recommendations; develop and use evaluation systems; develop and monitor budgets; establish standards and evaluate performance; prepare a variety of written documents; make presentations before groups; establish and maintain working relationships with colleagues, clients, members of the community, and the media; exercise tact and diplomacy; represent the department in relations with others.

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