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Medical Services Manager, Deputy

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under administrative direction, participates in the management of the Family Health/Primary Care Division of the Public Health Department; plans, organizes and manages the Public Health Ancillary sub-division; negotiates and administers physician and other contracts related to providing Family Health/Primary Care medical services; and performs other related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a single-position classification in the Family Health/Primary Care division of the Public Health Department. It is distinguished from the Public Health Program Managers by its authority to act for the Medical Services Manager in his/her absence and by its involvement in multiple Public Health Programs, the Regional Clinics and overall direction of the division. It is further distinguished by its responsibility for negotiating and monitoring large professional contracts that impact the division or the department. It is distinguished from the Medical Services Manager by that classification's final operational authority over the Family Health/Primary Care division.


1. Plans, coordinates, and conducts administrative and operational studies for the Medical Services Manager in order to evaluate current operations and improve the division's efficiency, effectiveness, and/or quality of care; assists the Medical Services Manager in formulating the division's strategic plan by providing information and recommendations; provides coordination and direction to Public Health Program Managers in order to meet division and departmental goals and objectives; acts for the Medical Services Manager in his/her absence.
2. Acts as a resource to the Medical Services Manager, the Public Health Program Managers and the Regional Clinic Managers regarding personnel, fiscal, and budgetary issues; analyzes management reports to assist the Medical Services Manager with prioritizing division operations in order to accomplish overall division and departmental goals; defines problems or issues, collects data, performs analyses, makes recommendations and implements changes in all areas of the division; recommends solutions to critical or sensitive problems; promotes teamwork within and between divisions; interprets Public Health policies, procedures, and contracts to staff and administration.
3. As primary point of contact on Physician contracts, ensures that providers are meeting the terms of the contract; with Medical Services Manager, reviews program budgets for approval and makes suggestions for improvement; consults with and assists Medical Services Manager in the evaluation and development of new or modified Family Health/Primary Care programs; participates in resolving staffing and resource allocation issues; conducts physician and midlevel recruitments; coordinates inquires on risk management issues involving contracted physicians.
4. Manages the Pharmacy, Radiology, and Clinical Laboratory; prepares, monitors, and administers program budget; analyzes program data to identify needs, funding, and other trends; approves payments to providers; reallocates funds to meet unanticipated needs; researches and applies for grants and other potential sources of funds.
5. Analyzes new and proposed legislation to determine impact on local programs, policies, procedures, and providers; establishes and modifies local policies and procedures in order to administer programs in accordance with federal or state policies and directives.
6. Researches and analyzes data to determine the value of provider services; writes, negotiates, and administers contracts for professional services; monitors contracts and routinely meets with various providers to maintain positive working relationships and to ensure that providers achieve their performance benchmarks.
7. Assists service providers with administrative and technical matters by performing such tasks as, helping to resolve billing problems, monitoring the quality of service provided, and ensuring that providers understand program guidelines and provide service in accordance with those guidelines.
8. Directly and through subordinate supervisors, selects and trains employees; assigns and reviews work; establishes standards and evaluates performance; takes and approves disciplinary actions.
9. Acts as department liaison to State and Federal agencies; negotiates with State agencies in areas such as funding, program requirements, and staffing; provides required program reports to State and Federal agencies


1. Two years of management experience, preferably in a health care setting, that included contract negotiation, supervision, and budgeting; or,
2. equivalent combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: principles and practices of contract negotiation and contract administration; program administration; health care case management; budget preparation and monitoring; principles and practices of personnel management, including supervision and performance management; standard English usage and grammar.

Ability to: learn, apply, and interpret a variety of complex governmental regulations; research and collect data on programs, providers, and contracts; analyze data, draw conclusions, and make recommendations; apply logical reasoning to reach conclusions; anticipate potential problems or opportunities; anticipate needs of clients and staff; keep abreast of key departmental policies and procedures likely to affect division; negotiate professional contracts; establish and maintain working relationships with service providers, medical and social service professionals, and representatives of other organizations and agencies; exercise tact and diplomacy in representing the department and program; provide direction to professional and paraprofessional staff; establish standards and evaluate performance; learn to use a computer and specialized software; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; perform arithmetical calculations; prepare a variety of written documents.

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