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Mapping Technician

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under general supervision, compiles, drafts, and revises a variety of maps; prepares graphic illustrations; and performs related work as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This class is distinguished from Mapping Technician II in that it receives closer supervision and performs less complex mapping, graphics illustration, or design work. Duties may vary depending on assignment to the Planning and Development Department, Public Works Department, or the County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor's Office.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Uses a computer-aided mapping system, as well as manual drafting and graphics methods, to plot, compile, draft, and revise maps by adding new roads, name changes, parcel changes, and other new features; redraws and corrects old area and district maps by comparing them to official records and surveys; updates and produces overlay maps to depict such information as boundary, water, topography, and other environmental features on various base maps at different scales; may assist in developing coordinated map systems, showing water distribution, house numbering systems, and road classifications, for use by such agencies as the Fire Department; checks accuracy and measurement of lots and boundaries on maps presented by applicants against official maps and records; researches deeds, legal decisions, and other official documents to assist in verifying land titles before preparing maps; revises and updates map indexes; updates official land use and zoning maps; assists public in generally locating property and finding related map, survey, and zoning information; makes preliminary and final designs and sketches of street layouts, new highways, freeways, park and playground sites and plans, parking areas, and public works; develops and produces charts and graphs in appropriate formats using tabular data; designs and produces graphic displays and layouts of camera-ready artwork for a variety of land use planning publications, reports, brochures, charts, graphs, and similar materials; operates and uses a computer-assisted mapping system; and performs basic air photo interpretation.


1. Completion of at least 8 semester units or 12 quarter units of college-level cartographic training, including graphic presentation; or,
2. one year of experience performing either map drafting or preparation of related graphic design and illustration; or,
3. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: the terminology, materials, and methods used in map drafting and related graphic illustration; terminology and methods of describing property boundaries; property deeds, abstract descriptions, and property survey records; basic land use planning; basic mathematics used in map production such as the computation of distances, angles, areas, and traverses; graphic techniques of layout, presentation, reproduction, and overlay registration; methods of presenting tabular data in spatial and graphic formats; basic computer graphics and computer-aided design software; and basic concepts of geographic information systems (GIS).

Ability to: develop overlay maps using a variety of land use sources, drafting tools and equipment; produce camera-ready artwork in the production of land use planning reports, charts, and graphs; follow oral and written instructions; learn to perform basic aerial photo interpretation; use a computer; operate and use a computer-aided mapping system, computer graphics drawing software, and geographic information system software; work cooperatively with others.


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