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Interagency Network Coordinator

Salary: $27.04-$33.01 hourly / $4,703-$5,742 monthly / Range: 5944

DEFINITION: Under general direction, oversees the Kids Interagency Delivery System (K.I.D.S. Network) to coordinate with other agencies in the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of services available to youth; acts as the liaison with private and public agencies, schools, Juvenile Courts and judges, the Network Policy Council and Advisory Committee, and the public; supervises K.I.D.S. Network staff; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a single position class characterized by the responsibility to act as community resource, advisor, and facilitator of the K.I.D.S. Network. It is distinguished from Social Services Program Analyst by its direct involvement in coordinating interagency programs specifically targeting youth and by its direct interaction with the County Board of Supervisors. The Social Services Program Analysts are responsible for providing analytical and administrative support for welfare programs or administrative systems specific to the delivery of services of the Department of Social Services.


1. Plans, organizes, and coordinates the activities and various organizational components of the K.I.D.S. Network; acts as an advisor and assistant to ad hoc task forces and special committees for the completion of various assignments; facilitates improved communication, coordination, and collaboration between public and private agencies and local schools providing youth services; identifies gaps in services and establishes effective policies and programs to address the problems; regularly evaluates and assesses the effectiveness of the Network Policy Council's activities and interventions; and makes recommendations for program modifications.
2. Assists in the development of financial resources for member agencies by identifying funding sources, providing technical assistance in program development and grant writing for member agencies of the K.I.D.S. Network, and soliciting in-kind support and donations.
3. Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates proposed or pending legislation for its impact on the welfare of County children, youth, and families; confers with officials of various local, state, and federal agencies concerning such legislation; and prepares written legislative analyses for executive staff and K.I.D.S. Network Advisory Committee and Policy Council.
4. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with community organizations, government agencies, and the public; represents the Network at youth-related meetings and functions; prepares various narrative and statistical reports, newsletters, and educational materials; and provides information and makes presentations to the community.
5. Confers, interacts, and coordinates Network activities with the County Board of Supervisors; prepares letters and reports for the Supervisors' approval and signature; and organizes and facilitates the Supervisors' Child Friendly and Family Friendly Business Awards programs.
6. Collects, interprets, and analyzes data for incorporation into periodic accountability reports; assembles information to complete annual reports and surveys; and updates strategic plan for submission to the Board of Supervisors and the public.
7. Prepares the K.I.D.S. Network budget; identifies additional funding sources; develops and writes grant proposals and narratives; processes purchase orders and claims; monitors expenses; and negotiates and prepares contracts.
8. Performs a variety of staff support functions for the K.I.D.S. Network; arranges all regularly scheduled Network Policy Council and Advisory Committee meetings; prepares agendas; attends meetings; and prepares quarterly summaries.
9. Supervises professional and clerical support staff; interviews, makes hiring recommendations, and trains staff; assigns work; evaluates performance; and recommends disciplinary action.


1. Possession of a bachelor's degree in human services, social services, or related field and two years of administrative experience in human/social services or education, including some lead or supervisory experience; or,
2. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Additional Requirements: Independent travel is required. Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License is required at time of appointment.

Knowledge of: program and organization development and management; research and statistical methods; basic math; assessment and program evaluation techniques; budget development and management; supervisory practices; and word-processing, spreadsheet, and database programs.

Ability to: plan, organize, and coordinate interagency programs; establish work plans, including short- and long-term goals; organize and prioritize work assignments; effectively delegate responsibility to others; act as a community resource; compile, analyze, and evaluate data and make recommendations; prepare narrative and statistical reports, newsletters, and educational materials; plan, schedule, and develop meeting agendas; develop and manage program budgets; develop funding sources and write associated grants and contracts; make oral presentations; plan, train, and supervise the work of others; establish and maintain effective working relationships with diverse populations, special interest groups, community organizations, elected officials, other staff, and the public; and effectively handle political, sensitive, and confidential materials or situations.

Desirable Qualifications: A master's degree in human services, social services, or related field and experience working with agencies serving at-risk youth are highly desirable.

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