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Geologist, Registered

Salary: $33.91-$41.40 hourly / $5,898-$7,201 monthly / Range: 6398

DEFINITION: Under general direction supervises and performs technical soil, geologic, and hydrologic analysis data collection and assesses environmental impact to water resources resulting from development proposals and seismic and soil stability issues associated with development; and performs other duties as assigned.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a technical class in which the incumbent is expected to render expert opinions on geologic factors in the areas of identification, availability of water supplies; environmental impact to fresh water supplies resulting from development activities; groundwater and geologic issues associated with solid waste disposal; and soil mechanics and seismic issues associated with building safety. This class differs from Hydrogeologist in that the latter's emphasis is in water contamination and clean up. This class differs from Engineering Geologist in that the latter's emphasis is on complex civil engineering geological issues.


1. Provides technical guidance to staff on soils, geologic, seismic or hydrologic issues associated with individual projects and comprehensive plan updates.
2. Compiles data on each of the County's groundwater basins to overdraft utilizing computer assisted programs and other collected documentation.
3. Reviews adequacy of groundwater hydrology reports, watershed yield studies, and soils and geology reports.
4. Interprets aerial photographs to assist in determining water consumption factors, drainage patterns, or soils and geologic features in planning studies.
5. Supervises consultants in the collection of field data and preparation of complex studies involving water, soils or geology.
6. Assists in preparation of Initial Studies and Negative Declarations and works with consultants in the preparation of complex NDs or EIRs.
7. Advises management and decision-makers on individual projects.
8. Conducts site investigations to determine structural stability, seismic risk, and drainage and slope stability requirements.
9. Evaluates building and grading plans to determine compliance with geologic requirements.
10. Conducts environmental site assessments to determine potential environmental impacts to soil and surface/ground water; prepares and reviews geological reports and makes recommendations.
11. Serves as resident geologist on complex projects; provides project direction to staff, contractors, and consultants.
12. Assists in budget preparation.

EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS: Possession of a valid certificate of registration as a Geologist issued by the California State Board of Registration for Geologists.

Additional Requirements: Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License. Independent travel throughout the County, including difficult to reach areas, is required.

Knowledge of: principles and practices employed in hydrology and engineering geology to include groundwater, drainage, watershed analysis, safe yield, recharge, slope stability, seismic risks, and soil mechanics; collection and analysis of data; and principles of contract administration and supervision. General knowledge of the Alquist-Priolo Act. California Environmental Quality Act and California land use and planning law.

Ability to: critically analyze and evaluate hydrologic, watershed, geologic and soils reports; prepare and verbally present reports and comprehensive studies; utilize and maintain a computer data base for groundwater basins; read and analyze aerial photographs; establish and maintain effective, collaborative working relationships with others, plan, direct and evaluate the work of others including subordinates, supervisors, members of the public and specialists in other agencies; speak clearly and concisely before large groups; explain technical information in lay terms.

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