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Fiscal Manager, Departmental

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under administrative direction, directs and administers fiscal programs in a department; exercises primary control over the operating budget of the department; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This class will typically be found only in departments with a high degree of fiscal risk exposure to the County. Characteristics of such departments are: large budgets with complex funding, including grants, pass-through revenues, blended funding, and billable fee-for-service revenues. Incumbents are responsible for managing fiscal functions of the department, including proper accounting for costs and distribution of public monies; for establishing goals, standards and policies to ensure the integrity of departmental fiscal operations; and for maximum recoverability of revenue for services rendered. This class is distinguished from the Business Manager class series in that its sole responsibility is for a department's fiscal matters, whereas Business Managers have other responsibilities in addition to fiscal, such as human resources, information systems, facilities management, etc.


1. Plans, develops, implements, and administers fiscal programs in a department, such as accounting, billing, purchasing, credit, collections, grants, and contracts; directs the preparation of and monitors and controls the department budget to assure conformance with revenue expectation and expenditure plans.
2. Coordinates with Auditor-Controller's Office the preparation of financial statements, audits, and cost allocation plans; directs the production of budget and other management reports; serves as lead negotiator with authority to commit to blended funding agreements with other County departments or outside agencies and approves appropriate controls for the MOUs governing such agreements; acts as liaison between the department and various state and federal agencies, as well as with the Auditor-Controller's Office.
3. Analyzes the department's overall fiscal data requirements for its various divisions and directs the development and implementation of systems and procedures to meet those requirements; develops and implements fiscal programs and procedures needed to qualify the department for a variety of federal and state revenues.
4. Analyzes new legislation and changes in regulations in order to determine impact on department's finances; advises managers and executives accordingly, and devises strategies for coping and complying with changes; forecasts revenues and expenditures; assures compliance of the department's fiscal functions with federal, state, and Santa Barbara County requirements; reviews the work of departmental
5. divisions and contracted service providers to ensure that billings and costs are appropriate and that rates are compatible with those of other service providers in the community; oversees the establishment of internal controls to ensure accuracy; develops written fiscal policies and procedures. Engages other departmental managers and executives in developing long-range fiscal strategic plans; participates in the development of new programs to facilitate long- and short-term strategies and financial plan objectives. May develop financial plans such as capital budgeting, planning, and investigation of financing methods.
6. Directly and through subordinate staff: selects, trains, and supervises professional, paraprofessional, and clerical accounting staff; assigns and reviews work; establishes performance standards and evaluates work; takes disciplinary action as needed.


1. Four years of professional experience in accounting, including at least two years of responsibility for supervising professional accounting/fiscal staff; or,
2. two years of experience performing duties equivalent to an Accountant-Auditor III with Santa Barbara County, including or supplemented by at least two years of supervisory responsibility for supervising professional accounting/fiscal staff; or,
3. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Additional Qualifications: Possession of valid California Class C Driver's License may be required.

Knowledge of: principles of governmental accounting and budgeting, public administration, management, and supervision; financial and operational auditing standards and techniques; fiscal monitoring and control mechanisms; federal, state, and local codes, rules, and regulations controlling and influencing County fiscal operations; principles and practices of supervision; principles and practices of project management.

Ability to: plan, organize, and prioritize work; prepare budgets; prepare and oversee the preparation of a variety of written documents, including policies and procedures, grant proposals, contracts, and various fiscal reports; gather and analyze data, draw conclusions, and make decisions and recommendations; supervise staff; establish and maintain working relationships with others; make public presentations; learn the operations and working environment of the hiring department, and exercise sound judgment in sensitive situations.

Supplemental Information: Depending on assignment, specific positions in this class may require additional job-related knowledge, abilities, and/or experience.

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