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Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Officer

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under general direction of the County Executive Officer, investigates allegations of discrimination or workplace harassment, develops, organizes, and manages the County's Non-Discrimination Program/Affirmative Action Plan within the laws of the state of California and the Federal government; advises and assists departmental personnel in equal employment opportunity, nondiscrimination, and affirmative action matters; performs other duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This position reports to an Assistant County Executive Officer.


Receives and investigates inquiries and formal complaints of unlawful discrimination from applicants and employees; responds to complaints from enforcement agencies; acts as a mediator in the attempt to resolve alleged violations of Federal, State, and County policy and laws; assists line and staff management in identifying, resolving, and preventing equal employment opportunity/affirmative action problems.

Develops and recommends policies and procedures to implement the equal employment opportunity/affirmative action program; assists departments in developing, implementing, and evaluating the equal employment opportunity/affirmative action program and their departmental equal employment opportunity programs and affirmative action plans; develops goals and timetables; designs and implements reporting systems to measure the effectiveness of the County's progress; determines the degree to which the County's goals and other equal opportunity objectives have been attained; prepares periodic reports on the program.

Interprets equal employment opportunity requirements of Federal and State agencies; evaluates these requirements in relation to specific departments and/or programs; recommends corrective or remedial action as needed.

Informs County departments and management of developments in the area of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action; disseminates affirmative action and equal employment opportunity policies to community action groups, recruitment sources, and educational institutions; develops and conducts training regarding equal opportunity and sexual harassment for Affirmative Action Coordinators, managers, and employees; promotes a favorable climate for an effective equal employment opportunity program.

Serves as liaison between the County, enforcement agencies, and community groups; acts as staff to such Board-appointed commissions as the Affirmative Action Commission, the Human Relations Commission, and the Commission for Women.

Supervises staff; develops, and monitors program budget; conducts management audits; performs other administrative duties as required.


1. Three years of professional personnel or management experience involving significant responsibilities in affirmative action and equal employment opportunity programs that included investigating complaints of discrimination or workplace harassment; or,
2. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Additional Qualifications: Ability to obtain a California Class C Driver's License may be required.

Knowledge of: Federal laws and requirements pertaining to affirmative action/equal employment opportunity; current AA and EEO related issues, developments, and trends; principles and practices of personnel administration; socio-economic problems, multi-cultural issues, cultural differences, and language barriers associated with minorities, women, and other protected groups; principles and practices guiding investigations of alleged workplace harassment or discrimination.

Ability to: learn and apply California laws pertaining to affirmative action/equal employment opportunity; investigate and document complaints alleging discrimination and workplace harassment; speak and write clearly and concisely and at the level of the receiver; effectively collect, interpret, and summarize data and legal requirements; identify, research, analyze, and solve problems using statistical techniques and common research methods; develop a variety of alternatives and make appropriate decisions; identify ramifications of decisions, anticipate problems, and take proactive action; elicit information and effectively listen; guide and motivate individuals to achieve results; influence others; effectively work with managers, employees, applicants, community representatives, and enforcement agency representatives in a positive manner; tactfully and effectively handle confrontational situations; maintain an open and approachable manner; maintain objectivity and confidentiality.

Desirable Qualifications:

1. Experience working with a Board of Supervisors or similar legislative body, community action groups, and appointed commissions;
2. An understanding of the principles and practices of personnel administration within civil service guidelines as well as of relevant political developments and barriers faced by protected groups in the workplace;
3. Thorough knowledge of federal and state laws pertaining to EEO/AA and disability discrimination issues and experience investigating discrimination complaints and managing institutional responses to them; and,
4. Legal or paralegal training, education, and experience to understand legislation, interpret laws, and aid in the investigation of alleged violations of laws applicable to discrimination and workplace harassment.


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