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Emergency Services Manager

Salary: $34.22-$41.77 hourly / $5,951-$7,266 monthly / Range: 6416

DEFINITION: Under general direction, plans, directs, and reviews the functions and activities of the Office of Emergency Services; coordinates emergency planning, hazard mitigation and preparedness activities; coordinates response and recovery operations for all hazards; coordinates mutual aid services for other than fire and law enforcement; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This single position class manages the Office of Emergency Services, a Joint Powers Agency, assigned for administrative purposes to the County Administrator's Office. The position receives general direction from the County Administrator who serves as the Director of Emergency Services for the County of Santa Barbara and the Coordinator of the Santa Barbara Operational Area Emergency Services Organization. The class of Emergency Services Manager is distinguished from Emergency Services Planner, Supervising by the latter's responsibility for the supervision of staff and coordination of emergency response plans and the former's overall administrative and program responsibility for the Office of Emergency Services.


1. Plans, organizes, directs, and reviews all functions and activities related to the Office of Emergency Services including: civil defense, radiological incidents, transportation accidents, hazardous materials, oil and gas industry related incidents, tsunamis, fire, flooding, earthquakes, radiological power program, and other emergencies; obtains federal emergency management funds and directs the agency's participation in other state and federal revenue programs; monitors Operational Area policies to ensure compliance with federal/state, and local legislation; participates in the development of standards relating to Operational Area policies.
2. Serves as staff to the Operational Area Emergency Services Council; participates in activities associated with various disaster planning committees assuring the preparation, participation, and coordination of comprehensive emergency response training seminars, drills, and simulation exercises; assists and provides coordination to member jurisdictions in the development of emergency services plans and programs; consults with and advises city/county management staff regarding emergency services policy issues and plans; obtains concurrence for disaster plans from various emergency service providers and citizen volunteer groups.
3. Directs the coordination of the Countywide Emergency Operations Center and related communications systems; oversees the preparation and review of emergency mitigation, prevention, response, rescue, and evacuation plans; oversees a public education program for schools, community groups, and the general public.
4. Directs staff; establishes goals, policies, and performance standards; oversees the development and monitoring of the division's budget.


1. Four years of administrative, technical or operational experience in an emergency services field which includes two years of experience directly related to the administration of an emergency services program; or,
2. two years of experience performing duties equivalent to the class of Emergency Services Planner, Supervising with Santa Barbara County; or,
3. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Additional Requirements: Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License. Availability for "on-call" duty.

Knowledge of: principles and practices of disaster planning and coordination including conditions leading to major emergencies, their effects, mitigation, response, lines of authority, resource requirements, damage assessment, recovery methods, and safety and survival procedures; types of natural and man-made emergencies, their probability and potential effect on the community; state and federal emergency services program funding procedures; related public administration policies at city, county, state, and federal levels; state and federal disaster preparedness standards and management assistance programs; emergency services communications systems and equipment; organizational, administrative and management principles and practices; supervisory techniques; resource allocation; and planning and budgeting.

Ability to: direct an Operational Area program involving a variety of member agencies, volunteer groups, businesses and community service organizations; analyze the potential for disasters and oversee development of comprehensive plans for mitigation, response, and recovery; plan, organize and supervise the work of subordinates; deal effectively with a variety of governmental and community officials and maintain cooperative working relationships with federal, state and local officials and others; research, compile and analyze comprehensive reports and statistical information; read, interpret, and apply related laws and regulations; communicate effectively orally and in writing; make sound discretionary decisions; work well under pressure; represent the department with tact and diplomacy; make effective presentations and effectively perform under emergency conditions serving as staff to the County Administrator/Director of Emergency Services/County Coordinator of Emergency Services.

Desirable Qualifications: Possession of a bachelor's degree in chemical or petroleum engineering, geology or related sciences, fire science, public/business administration, urban planning, natural resource management, or communications.

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