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EDP Customer Support Manager

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under general direction, plans and directs the activities of the Customer Support Section of the Technical Services Division of the General Services Department; coordinates the activities of County departments in the development, use, and maintenance of computer applications; and acts as the Division head as assigned; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a single-position, management class. The employee in the position directs a staff responsible for providing a variety of support services to departmental data processing staff and to departmental personnel using a broad range of automated information systems. The services provided by the Customer Support section include training and problem solving to assist computer users; evaluating software and hardware products and advising on their selection, and assisting with the installation, configuration and maintenance of computer hardware and software. This position is distinguished from EDP Technical Support Manager and Network Operations Manager by its focus on design and support of application systems and user access to the systems.


1. Directly and through subordinate supervisors, plans, assigns, and monitors the work of office automation specialists and of systems and programming analysts providing services to departments; and selects, trains, supervises and evaluates section personnel.
2. Directs and participates in the development of operating policies and procedures for the Help Desk; through subordinate supervisors and direct supervision plans and directs the work of section staff and of staff from other sections in the Division working at the Help Desk; monitors and evaluates requests for assistance to identify the training, software, and hardware needs.
3. Evaluates and responds to systems and programming service and project requests from departments; assigns division staff or assists department in procuring contract systems and programming staff for programming projects.
4. Assesses training needs of automated information systems users; develops training policies and plans; directs the design, scheduling, and delivery of a comprehensive training program for office automation users; administers the training budget.
5. Analyzes current and future computerized information systems users needs; develops projections and plans for implementation of new and revised technologies; recommends new and revised technologies for implementation by department or throughout the County; estimates time and cost factors for changes; prepares specifications and evaluates proposals for services, software and supply of equipment; provides staff support to the Information Systems Advisory Committee.
6. Coordinates activities and problem solving efforts of client department data processing staff; chairs and provides staff support to various committees of data processing managers, office automation users and others to encourage coordination efforts; identifies data processing needs and problems in client departments; and gathers information necessary for long range planning.


1. Three years of experience supervising staff providing support to users of information systems which are similar in nature and complexity to those operated by the County; or,
2. three years of experience as a Departmental Data Processing Specialist, Senior which included the design of training programs and management of systems and programming projects; or,
3. three years of experience as an EDP Systems and Programming Analyst, Senior or EDP Office Automation Coordinator, Supervisor which included the design of training programs; or,
4. two years of experience as a Departmental Data Processing Manager; or,
5. one year of experience as a Departmental Data Processing Manager, Senior; or,
6. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: practices and principles of personnel management and budget administration; practices and principles of systems and procedures analysis and design as applied to computerized information systems; computer applications systems development procedures; basic principles of data base design and of data communications; generally accepted principles of government accounting and auditing; current and emerging computer network hardware and software technology.

Ability to: select, train, and direct staff; plan and direct work activities; evaluate needs of client departments; develop and implement administrative policies and procedures; schedule and manage projects; develop alternative solutions for design and management of information systems, project consequences of alternatives, and design practical implementation plans; write and present reports, proposals, conclusions and other information; gain cooperation through discussion and persuasion; establish and maintain working relationships with County department managers and staff, contractors and subordinates.

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