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Early Care And Education Program Manager

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DEFINITION: Under administrative direction and in collaboration with the Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council, Santa Barbara County Education Office, and the Program Quality Improvement Project, plans, directs, and manages the activities of the Office of Early Care and Education; coordinates efforts to increase the quality, quantity, and affordability of early care and education services in Santa Barbara County; promotes community education and involvement in early care and education; collects, analyzes, and disseminates data; supervises staff; and performs other duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: The Early Care and Education Coordinator is appointed by the County Administrator, receives direction from the Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council (SBCCCPC), and works closely with the Santa Barbara County Education Office, Program Quality Improvement Coordinator, and Program Improvement Consortium. The incumbent is responsible for providing leadership and continuity needed to attain the shared goal of quality, affordable, and accessible early care and education/child care for children in Santa Barbara County.

The Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council is an organization consisting of child care experts, consumers (parents), public and private agency representatives, and early care and education community advocates. The Office of Early Care and Education was established by the SBCCCPC. This office helps provide the structure and continuity needed to attain quality, accessible, developmentally appropriate, linguistically and culturally sensitive, early care and education for children in Santa Barbara County. It also serves as a clearinghouse for information, expertise, and resources to benefit consumers, providers, government, employers, and advocates of early care and education.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Under direction from the Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council and in collaboration with the Santa Barbara County Education Office and the Program Quality Improvement Project:

1. Plans, organizes, and directs the daily activities of the Office of Early Care and Education; develops, revises, and implements operational policies and procedures; interviews, selects, and trains staff; establishes performance standards; evaluates staff performance; and recommends and takes disciplinary actions.
2. Researches, collects, assembles, analyzes, and prepares data, information, and resources on early care and education in Santa Barbara County; maintains an early care and education data clearinghouse; and disseminates information to the SBCCCPC, Children and Families Commission, Children's Scorecard Project, care providers, local agencies and employers, the education community, county and city governments, and the general public through periodic reports and upon request.
3. Collaborates with existing child care entities, and the community to identify unmet early care and education needs and services; recommends creative but practical policies and programs to address gaps in services; plans, coordinates, and implements early care and education activities and events; and prepares related written reports, newsletters, and educational materials.
4. Establishes and maintains partnerships with community organizations, government agencies, local business community, and the public; conducts workshops and follow-up meetings with, and prepares and disseminates informational materials to, employers in order to educate and assist them in implementing family-friendly business practices, employer-supported early care and education services, and child care tax credit options; and works with public agencies, including County and city planning zoning departments, to reduce barriers to establishing new licensed care and education facilities.
5. Develops financial resources and services by identifying new or additional funding sources, providing technical assistance in program development and grant writing, and soliciting in-kind support and donations.
6. Serves on local and statewide committees; represents the Office of Early Care and Education at related meetings and functions; makes presentations to the community regarding the Office's programs and services; coordinates and conducts public workshops; and represents the County in statewide efforts to affect early care and education policies and regulations.
7. Reviews, analyzes, and interprets proposed and/or pending legislation for its impact on the welfare of County families; informs and updates officials from various local, state, and federal agencies concerning legislation about early care and education issues; formulates and recommends strategies for action, including collaborative efforts; and prepares written legislative analyses for stakeholders and the public.
8. Develops and administers budgets; monitors revenues and expenditures; presents and defends proposed budgets; identifies additional funding sources; develops and writes grant proposals and narratives; and prepares related written and statistical reports.


1. Four years of professional experience administrating or managing a community service program directly related to early care and education/child care; or,
2. four years of professional experience directing a California licensed early care and education/child care center; or,
3. four years of professional experience teaching child development or early care and education at the college/university level; or,
4. four years of professional experience serving as an advocate or consultant on behalf of early care and education/child care service agencies or organizations; or,
5. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Additional Qualifications: Evening and weekend work and independent travel are required. Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's license is required at time of appointment.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Given the dynamic nature of early childhood education/child development, applicants should demonstrate current knowledge of the field. Typically, this means that an applicant's on-going professional development and experience in the field has occurred within the last ten years.

Knowledge of: current principles of early childhood education/child development; current local, state, and national laws, public policies, legislative issues, and political processes important to the concerns of early care and education programs; assessment and program evaluation techniques; analytical and research techniques; multicultural awareness and linguistic diversity; principles and practices of budget administration; grant proposal writing; standard English grammar and usage; and standard computer applications used in business and government.

Ability to: establish and maintain collaborative professional relationships; develop and lead community partnerships; establish work plans, including short- and long-term goals; research, compile, and analyze data, identify creative and practical solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and make and implement recommendations; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; speak effectively before small and large groups; prepare narrative and statistical reports, newsletters, and educational materials; learn and apply current management practices; develop and manage program budgets; develop funding sources and write associated grants; establish, balance, and adjust priorities; work independently; supervise, train, and evaluate personnel; establish and maintain effective working relationships with diverse populations, special interest groups, community organizations, government and elected officials, business leaders, and the public; maintain confidentiality of information; and operate a personal computer.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: Possession of a bachelor's degree in child development or related field is highly desirable.

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