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Deputy County Counsel

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under general administrative direction, assists in the directing and managing of County administrative, legislative, fiscal, and managerial operations; plans, organizes and directs the activities of a division of the County Administrator's Office; and performs other related work as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is an at-will, assistant department head class. Incumbents are exempt from Civil Service and serve at the pleasure of the department head. Incumbents on behalf of and with the full authority of the County Administrator direct one of three functional areas and generally assist the County Administrator in the execution of his/her authority and responsibilities in the areas of executive leadership, managerial and organizational effectiveness, fiscal planning and budget accountability, human resource development, public service and communication. One of these positions may be designated by the County Administrator as Chief Deputy to act for the County Administrator in his/her absence or as otherwise directed.

Deputy County Administrator: General Government/Community Planning and Environmental Protection:

This position provides administrative coordination, leadership and management support, facilitation and review in the general government and environmental protection program areas. This position shall also directly supervise the County's legislative advocacy program, and its cable TV/communications functions. Additionally, this position under the County Administrator's authority as County Emergency Services Director shall be responsible for supervising the Emergency Services division of the County Administrator's Office.

Deputy County Administrator: Financial Planning and Budget Management:

This position is responsible for coordination and supervision of the financial planning activities as well as all budget related activities of the County Administrator including but not limited to development and preparation of the County Administrator's annual budget. This position shall also supervise the County Administrator's clerical staff.

Deputy County Administrator: Law and Justice/Health and Human Services:

This position provides administrative coordination, leadership and management support, facilitation and review in the law and justice program areas and in the health and human services program areas. This position shall also supervise the Human Services activities of the County Administrator's Office.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Plans, organizes, directs, controls and reviews the operations of a major division of the County Administrator's Office. Supervises a professional, technical and clerical staff engaged in providing administrative, budget and analytical support to the Board of Supervisors and County departments. Provides advice and counsel to the County Administrator on a variety of policy and procedural matters related to the effective administration of County government and its operating departments. Is responsible for the facilitation and coordination of multi-departmental issues, projects and concerns to ensure a comprehensive approach in managing County programs in the most effective and efficient way. Maintains accessible and close working relationships with department heads and their key executive staffs. Is responsible for mediation of interdepartmental disputes through conflict resolution; ensures that adequate internal communication formal and otherwise, exists between the County Administrator's Office and operating departments, to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings and to improve the County Administrator's Office effectiveness. Assists operating departments in a variety of areas such as development of operational plans, achievement of Board goals and priorities, achievement of affirmative action goals, long range financial and capital improvement plans, organizational development, managerial effectiveness, etc, by providing directly or through subordinates, policy direction, technical assistance, legislative support, managerial expertise, advice and counsel.

Assist the County Administrator by acting on behalf of the County Administrator with operating departments, other agencies, state and federal representatives and the public. Ensures that Board direction is carried out and that County policies, rules, regulations and operating programs are implemented. Coordinates the development, implementation and evaluation of a County strategic plan. Provides support and guidance for County Administrator's legislative advocacy program by coordinating the actions of various County departments, Board members and other interested groups to further the County's interests. Supervises the review of agenda items and the preparation of County Administrator's Office recommendations on such items. Ensures that all public meeting rules and regulations are complied with and that the Board's goal of seeking community input and public participation in policy setting be provided for. Assists the County Administrator in efforts to improve the County's public relations.

Supervises staff engaged in a variety of administrative and technical support activities; conducts managerial and organizational review and studies. Reviews department organizational structure recommending reassignments or consolidations of functions as needed. Monitors and evaluates department budgets and expenditures and revenues. Explores and evaluates revenue enhancements and financing methods in cooperation with operating departments, Treasurer and Auditor-Controller. Provides reports and other information to County commissions, other jurisdictions, Board of Supervisor members and the public.


1. Five years of increasingly responsible administrative or managerial experience in a public jurisdiction or related field, of which one year must be in a supervisory capacity; or,
2. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: principles of management analysis and organizational design necessary to analyze, recommend and evaluate programs, administrative policies, organizational structures; principles, programs and practices of California local government fiscal management and budget control including knowledge of California budgetary laws and regulations; principles and practices of employee supervision, affirmative action and staff development; local government programs, organizational structure and financial relationships with the state and federal government; a general knowledge of California legislative processes; provisions of law related to the operation of a general law County.

Ability to: plan, organize, direct and supervise the work of professional and technical staff, engaged in a wide variety of administrative analysis and financial planning; define problems, collect, analyze, interpret and evaluate data; define and select alternatives, establishing rational for and projecting consequences of decisions and or recommendations; use communication skills and techniques required for gathering, evaluating and transmitting information, for interviewing counseling and instructing, and for organizing and directing group discussions at all functional levels of the County and public; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others, especially in sensitive relationships with other government representatives, community groups and County executives; mediates and resolves conflicts and disputes between operating departments and the County Administrator's Office; prepare and present concise, logical oral and written reports.

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