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County Administrator

Salary: $89.51-$109.28 hourly / $15,569-$19,006 monthly / Range: 8344

DEFINITION: Subject to the direction and control of the board of supervisors, the County Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the county. The incumbent acts as agent for the board of supervisors in directing and managing the county's administrative, legislative, financial planning and budget management operations; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is an at-will department head class. The incumbent is exempt from Civil Service and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors. The office of the County Administrator is the highest appointed administrative position in county government and such special districts as the board of supervisors act as governing body. The County Administrator exercises all the authority of and bears all the responsibilities applicable to county administrative officers as provided by state law. The County Administrator is also the director of emergency services for the county of Santa Barbara.

AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Without limiting specific duties and responsibilities to which the County Administrator may be assigned by the board of supervisors, the broad activity areas for measured achievement are:

1. executive leadership;
2. managerial and organizational effectiveness;
3. financial planning and budget management;
4. human resource development;
5. public service and communication; and,
6. emergency management.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: The County Administrator directs, supervises and manages the work of a staff engaged in administrative, operational and budgetary support and analyses.

Executive Leadership: Provides advice and counsel to the board of supervisors on matters related to the effective administration and management of all governmental affairs; assists the board of supervisors in the development of the county strategic plan, directs plan implementation, provides regular evaluation of progress, recommends corrective action when necessary; manages and coordinates the county's legislative advocacy program in collaboration with ongoing efforts of board of supervisors and department heads; coordinates the work of the county with other governmental agencies and districts; provides technical assistance and support to the board of supervisors and the operating departments.

Managerial and Organizational Effectiveness: Ensures that board directives, policies, regulations, and operating programs are carried out; recommends changes in legislation, board policies and methods to improve county administration and operations in collaboration with board and department heads; authorizes, directs and conducts managerial and operational reviews in cooperation with auditor-controller or as otherwise authorized by the board of supervisors; recommends such transfers, reassignments or consolidations of functions and services as are necessary and proper; directs preparation of reports and manuals and the development of work measurement standards; provides general administrative direction to county departments; mediates inter-departmental disputes through administration of conflict resolution procedure; recommends, using "rule of one" procedure, appointment of board-appointed department heads; annually reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations to board on board-appointed department head work performance based on jointly approved performance plans by administrative officer, department head, and board of supervisors; is the sole appointing authority for the director of personnel, and the director of general services; directs the county information management systems strategic planning effort; reviews and makes recommendations on board agenda items.

Financial Planning and Budget Management: Supervises preparation of the annual operating budget and the capital improvement program budget based on county goals and program priorities; recommends measures to ensure a balanced budget including cost controls, service levels, and budget compliance measures; recommends revenue raising measures and methods for financing capital improvements in cooperation with county treasurer and auditor-controller; directs studies to develop administrative or financial data and recommendations; responsible for the development of long range financial plans.

Human Resource Development: Facilitates team management approach for decision making; promotes opportunities for employee involvement in collaborative and participatory problem solving; develops and directs facilities planning program; directs employee relations program; has primary responsibility for the management and evaluation of the county affirmative action program, supervises the affirmative action officer, monitors progress in achieving affirmative action goals, and insures program compliance.

Public Service and Communication: Oversees internal and external program for county-wide communications and public information; coordinates public outreach efforts; provides reports and statistical data to county commissions, public, and other jurisdictions; represents board of supervisors before community groups, private agencies, and other governmental entities and officials.

Emergency Management: Controls and directs the effort of the emergency organization of the county; appoints and supervises the coordinator of the office of emergency services; provides leadership in the development of public policy; acts as liaison with other agencies; has authority to proclaim a "state of emergency" when locally available resources are inadequate to cope with the emergency.

EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS: Broad, extensive, and progressively responsible experience in a high-level executive or administrative capacity in a public agency, or any combination of training, education, and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: public administration and public finance principles and methods; organizational principles and relationships, principles of strategic planning; California public finance laws, regulations and practices; conflict resolution techniques; principles and practices of supervision and employee development.

Ability to: synthesize large volumes of data, interpret and evaluate; exercise initiative, ingenuity, independent analysis and judgment in solving difficult and complex administrative, managerial and technical problems; understand and interpret complex regulations, laws and policies; demonstrate executive leadership and management skills; supervise effectively; establish and maintain effective community relations; make effective oral and written presentations; advocate effectively for the benefit of the county's interest; gain and maintain the confidence and cooperation of elected and appointed officials and the public.

Adopted and approved by Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors on: 2/19/91.


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