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Computer Systems Specialist, Supervising

Salary: $32.07-$39.15 hourly / $5,578-$6,809 monthly / Range: 6286

DEFINITION: Under general direction, coordinates, schedules, and supervises the technical support and training provided to departmental staff using computer equipment and applications on a wide area network (WAN) or large local area network (LAN); installs, tests, and resolves problems with computer hardware and software; adapts existing software to accommodate the database needs of departments; develops and maintains Intranet and Internet Web sites; and performs related duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Positions in the Computer Systems Specialist, Supervising class are responsible for the supervision of the daily activities of Computer Systems Specialists I/II who support large groups of users and many different applications and often serve as a department's principal contact with the County's central ITS staff and with vendors of specialized software, related to overall systems needs, design, and operations.


1. Serves as supervisor and provides direct or functional supervision over clerical and/or technical staff.
2. Schedules, assigns, supervises, and oversees completion of work of staff.
3. Coordinates with user departments for scheduling, problem resolution, and documentation and production control.
4. Makes recommendations for staffing, overtime, and production support levels and assists in the selection of staff.
5. Evaluates and resolves user problems; identifies and obtains appropriate resources for the resolution of complex problems; corrects routine problems by making minor repairs to computer equipment and/or entering specialized commands or data into systems; contacts appropriate resources for additional assistance.
6. Instructs computer system users in the use of computer equipment and of computer applications; answers questions and assists in resolving problems regarding the methods and procedures for using computer applications.
7. Coordinates installation of new hardware/software; installs, tests, and monitors the operation of computer hardware and software; configures hardware and software to meet department's needs.
8. Evaluates needs for new and revised systems; identifies possible improvements in computer systems; makes recommendations for purchase of new information systems hardware and software; negotiates with vendors for services and products; oversees work of vendors.
9. Administers LANs/WANs; establishes procedures to back up data stored in computers and to maintain efficient operation of LANs/WANs; may serve as department computer access security officer.
10. Provides server support and maintenance; uses various utilities to trouble-shoot, repair, and check configuration of servers.
11. Adapts existing database software, spreadsheets, and other programs to best meet departmental or end-user needs.
12. Establishes and maintains internet and intranet web sites and web pages; provides technical support in creating content areas; builds on-line forms and connects them to databases; provides technological solutions that can be applied to the ongoing development of a department's on-line presence; provides technical support for automating traditional processes; translates conceptual web page designs into HTML or script templates.
13. Maintains various records and documentation for department computer systems; may write straightforward report generation programs or other simple computer code.


1. Four years of responsible experience in the operation of a medium- to large-scale system that includes a minimum of one year lead responsibilities in a) providing direct technical support to others using computer equipment for office applications on a local area or wide area network, including desktop configurations; hardware and software installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting; user access; and problem-solving; or b) adapting existing database software, spreadsheets, and other programs to best meet end user needs; or c) developing and maintaining internet or intranet web sites; or,
2. three years experience performing the duties equivalent to the class of Computer Systems Specialist II with Santa Barbara County; or,
3. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: principles of supervision and training techniques; the functions and operations of computers, commercial computer software including database software, and of local area networks (LANs), including hardware/software installation; web site layout, composition, design, and management; web site authoring software, methods for creating dynamic content, and graphics applications commonly used in web site development; general principles of office automation, and computer systems analysis; a variety of hardware, operating systems, and related software used by the hiring department.

Ability to: plan, schedule, supervise, assign, review, delegate, and prioritize work of self and others; develop effective staff training; establish standards and evaluate performance of subordinates; analyze and resolve user needs and problems; interpret and apply information from technical manuals; communicate on technical issues with individuals with varying degrees of computer familiarity; instruct others in the use of computerized information systems; adapt existing database software, spreadsheets, and other programs to best meet departmental or end-user needs create and update web sites to meet departmental needs; establish and maintain effective working relationships with department staff, information technology staff, and contractors; plan, organize, and prioritize the work of self and others; provide direct or functional supervision to other departmental staff; develop and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, subordinate staff and user departments; communicate effectively in oral and written formats.

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