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Communications Dispatch Manager

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under general direction, manages the operation of the County's Public Safety Dispatch Center; coordinates the operation of the center with other user agencies; performs related duties as assigned.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This single position class is found in the Public Safety Dispatch Center. It is distinguished from Communications Dispatch Supervisor by the Manager's focus on developing policies and procedures for the Center and by the Manager's role as liaison with other user agencies and government entities on communications issues. This class is further distinguished from the Communications Dispatch Supervisor by the latter's emphasis on supervising dispatchers and the daily operations of the Public Safety Dispatch Center. The Manager is a civilian exempt employee who reports to the designated Sheriff's Administrative Lieutenant on matters of concern to the Department regarding the Public Safety Dispatch Center.


1. Directly or through subordinate supervisors, organizes and plans the work of the Public Safety Dispatch Center.
2. Supervises and evaluates the work of Communications Dispatch Supervisors.
3. Develops on-going fiscal plans and prepares annual budget for the Center.
4. Meets with representatives of user agencies and affiliates to ensure that Center operations reflect their policies and standards and respond to their needs.
5. Responds to citizens' concerns about public safety and emergency communications.
6. Acts as liaison between user agencies, affiliated agencies, and other local, state and federal agencies in matters related to emergency communications and public safety dispatching.
7. Ensures, directly or through subordinate supervisors, security of access to restricted telecommunications terminals.
8. Maintains knowledge of ongoing technical and legal developments and meets with representatives of local, state, and federal governments to guarantee the Center's ability to meet current and future needs and ensure compliance with applicable laws concerning emergency communications, telecommunications, training, and other areas relating to public safety dispatch.
9. Meets with technical system vendors to upgrade or replace equipment as needed.


1. Five years of dispatching experience in an emergency or public safety dispatch center, including two years of supervisory dispatching experience and experience using Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) systems; or,
2. two years of experience performing duties equivalent to the class of Communications Dispatch Supervisor with Santa Barbara County; or,
3. a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of: the operations of complex 9-1-1 or other multi-agency, multi-discipline public safety dispatching centers or emergency communication systems; the use of Computer Assisted Dispatch systems; the operations of fire, law enforcement, medical, and other public safety agencies and their affiliates; current and pending technical developments and issues relating to telephone, telecommunications, and radio systems; technical systems and terminology related to public safety dispatch operations; federal, state and local laws and regulations related to public safety dispatch operations; pending issues pertaining to public safety dispatching and the functioning of radio, telephone and computer systems; principles and practices of supervision, budget preparation and administration.

Ability to: develop and implement appropriate goals, objectives, policies, procedures, and work standards related to public safety dispatch operations; establish and maintain working relationships with public agencies, regulatory bodies, other County employees, and members of the community; research, analyze, and develop solutions to administrative and technical problems; prepare and administer budgets; train, supervise, and evaluate staff; represent the department with tact and diplomacy.

Desirable Qualifications: Prior experience using an ESRI CAD system is highly desirable.

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