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Assistant District Attorney

Salary: N/A

DEFINITION: Under direction of the District Attorney and at the pleasure of the District Attorney, to assist in administering and managing all functions of the department; to practice criminal law and certain types of civil law; and to do related work as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is an at-will, assistant department head class. Incumbents are exempt from Civil Service and serves at the pleasure of the department head. This is an Assistant Department Head class in which incumbents participate in administrative and managerial functions for, and in the absence of, the District Attorney. In addition, incumbents are involved in a wide variety of legal practice.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Confers with the District Attorney on matters of policy and procedure, and implements decisions; prepares and submits periodic managerial reports on organizational functions; acts for the District Attorney in the District Attorney's absence; assists in the preparation and monitoring of the budget; assists in the hiring of personnel and in developing performance evaluations; trains, directs and supervises attorney and non-attorney employees; trains law enforcement, other governmental agencies, and private citizens seeking the issuance of criminal and civil complaints, as authorized by law; files, negotiates, and tries criminal and civil cases; interviews witnesses on criminal and civil cases; advises and confers with the general public when information to which it is entitled to is sought; performs legal research; speaks to private and public organizations on matters relating to the department; reviews case dispositions; supervises Deputy District Attorney, Supervising, criminal and civil.

EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS: Active membership in the State Bar of California; and,

  1. Five years of broad and progressively responsible experience as an attorney in prosecuting or defending criminal or civil cases, including one year of administrative and supervisory responsibilities; or,
  2. any combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge, abilities, and license.

Additional Requirements: Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License.

Knowledge of: the duties, powers, limitations, and authorities of the public prosecutor in the criminal justice system; the organization, powers, and limitations of county governmental functions and the California Constitution; substantive and procedural criminal and civil law, including the rules of evidence and the major cases interpreting and applying the principles expressed in the United States and California Constitutions; principles of administration and supervision.

Ability to: appraise, interpret and apply legal principles and precedents to difficult legal problems; concisely and accurately communicate, both orally and in writing; prepare, present, and conduct hearings, trials, and appeals; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

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