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1. Is the IELTS test completed in one day?

The Listening, Reading and Writing components of the test are always completed immediately after each other and in this same order. The Speaking test can be taken up to 7 days either before or after the test date.

2. Is there a similar period of ten minutes at the end of the Reading test for the transfer of answers?

No. The Reading test is one hour, and you must write all your answers on the answer sheet in this time.

3. Can I complete the Listening and Reading answer sheet in pen?

No. The answer sheet is scanned by a computer which cannot read pen.

4. Can I make some notes on the Listening and Reading question paper?

Yes. The examiner will not see your question paper.

5. What is the Speaking test?

The Speaking test is conducted with a one-to-one interview with a certified examiner, which is recorded on an audiocassette.

6. What should the candidate bring for the Speaking test?

The candidate needs to bring the same identification documents they supplied on registration, as these must be checked again against the information on the application form. These documents will be checked by the administrator and the Speaking examiner prior to the candidate entering the interview room.

7. When will the candidate receive their results?

Under usual test circumstances, the candidates will receive their Test Report Forms approximately two weeks after they complete their test.

8. How soon can candidates repeat the test?

Candidates are not permitted to retake the test at any centre within 90 days of their previous test date, i.e. 90 days and no fewer. Candidates are reminded that scores are unlikely to improve dramatically without English language tuition in the interim.

9. What happens if a candidate wants to postpone or cancel their application?

Candidates who request a postponement or cancellation of their test within 5 weeks of the test date will normally be charged the full fee unless they are able to provide appropriate medical evidence to support their request within 5 days of the test date.

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