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There are other prep courses. The two listed below are two of the more frequently taken courses.

Princeton Review Preparation Class

This site contains much more than just information about the GRE and how to prepare for it. The link I have made here will take you to their page on GRE Tests. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see links to many other general topics about graduate school. For example they include information on career guidance and how to apply to graduate school etc. It appears as if Princeton Review is branching out to include many other services beyond just test-prep information. The only problem is that their content is quite shallow (except for GRE info.) They may be in the process of adding new stuff, so you might want to browse around a bit to see what they have.

Kaplan Center

You can prepare for the GRE Subject Test in Psychology by re-reading your Introductory Psychology text book. Intro books tend to offer a good overview of the many different areas of concentration in psychology and the research studies cited are usually the "classics" in that area. Also, read the texts from such courses as abnormal psych., developmental psych., physiological psych., psych of learning, sensation and perception, and social psych. These are some of the areas on which you will be tested (refer to the GRE brochure for more details on which areas of concentration are included in the test). If you haven't taken a class in one of these major areas, borrow a friend's textbook and pay particular attention to that subject. ETS does publish past GRE Subject Tests and there are guides available at local bookstores, if you are interested.

Online Prep Courses

GRE Explorer: provides downloadable GRE prep courses, including math review, verbal study guide, and essay preparation course.
Course Name Price
GRE Verbal Preparation $12
GRE Analytical Writing Course $9
GRE Math Study Guide $15
Comprehensive GRE Courses $29


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