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Answers to Sample GRE Sentence Completion Questions

1. This poetry is not -------; it is more likely to appeal to an international audience than is poetry with strictly regional themes.

(A) familiar
(B) democratic
(C) technical
(D) complex
(E) provincial

Answer: (E)

2. Experienced employers recognize that business students who can ------- different points of view are ultimately more effective as managers than are the brilliant and original
students who ------- dogmatically to their own formulations.

(A) discredit.. revert
(B) assimilate.. adhere
(C) impose.. refer
(D) disregard.. incline
(E) advocate.. relate

Answer: (B)

3. Poe's ------- reviews of contemporary fiction, which often find great merit in otherwise ------ literary gems, must make us respect his critical judgment in addition to his
well-known literary talent.

(A) thorough.. completed
(B) petulant.. unpopular
(C) insightful.. unappreciated
(D) enthusiastic.. acclaimed
(E) harsh.. undeserving

Answer: (C)

4. The significance of the Magna Carta lies not in its——provisions. but in its broader impact: it made the king subject to the law.

(A) specific
(B) revolutionary
(C) implicit
(D) controversial
(E) finite

Answer: (A)

5. The theory of cosmic evolution states that the universe, having begun in a state of simplicity and -------, has ------- into great variety.

(A) equilibrium.. modulated
(B) homogeneity.. differentiated
(C) contrast.. metamorphosed
(D) proportion.. accelerated
(E) intelligibility.. developed

Answer: (B)

6. Not wishing to appear, -------- the junior member of the research group refrained from ------- any criticism of the senior members' plan for dividing up responsibility for the entire project.

(A) reluctant.. evaluating
(B) inquisitive.. offering
(C) presumptuous.. venturing
(D) censorious.. undercutting
(E) moralistic.. observing

Answer: (C)

7. The Chinese, who began systematic astronomical and weather observations shortly after the ancient Egyptians, were assiduous record-keepers, and because of this, can claim
humanity's longest continuous -------- of natural events.

(A) defiance
(B) documentation
(C) maintenance
(D) theory
(E) domination

Answer: (B)

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