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Sample Letter of Reference for Physics

Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2003)
The Physics Student admitted to MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, Stanford


Applicant: Ivan Ivanov
Recommender: Prof. Petr P. Petrov

I have known Ivan Ivanov since February 2000. Being a second-year student, he attended my lectures on XX, and the next academic year - on YY. While attending my lectures, he showed himself as an active and hard-working student. We frequently discussed various physics problems beyond the scope of my course, and I was surprised by his remarkable analytical abilities and originality of his ideas.

After completing my courses Ivan continued to keep in touch with me.
In 2001 he joined Landau Institute Theory group. In order to be admitted to this group, Ivan successfully passed a highly competitive and difficult Landau Theoretical Minimum exam on Quantum Mechanics. This fact characterizes Ivan as a purposeful person with a great ability for independent work. He has also successfully passed non-obligatory Landau Theoretical Minimum exams on General Relativity, Statistical Mechanics and Electrodynamics of Continuous Media.

By now, Ivan's background in theoretical physics is strikingly deep and wide. In his bachelor thesis, which was in the field of quantum Hall effect, he used sophisticated techniques of modern Quantum Field Theory as well as Condensed Matter theory. Ivan’s profound knowledge of Quantum Field Theory is also proved by the fact that he has translated into Russian several chapters of XX's book "Quantum ...". His translation will be published in a few months by “Nauka”, the most respectable Russian scientific publishing company.

I regard Ivan's academic and research abilities as excellent. I'm sure that he is one of the top 2% of MIPT students. I strongly recommend him for graduate study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Yours sincerely, 11/12/02
P.P. Petrov
Corresponding member of
Russian Academy of Sciences.

Department of XX
Institue for YY
City X, Moscow region
Russia, 111111


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