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Sample Letter of Reference for Chemistry

Letter of Recommendation for  Russian Student (01/2003)
The Chemistry Student admitted to Florida State University, Auburn University

Prof. Petrov Petr Petrovich
Vice-Chairman of the XX
Two more titles
XX Sq. 9 Moscow, Russia 111111
Phone: 7(095) 111-1111
Fax: 7(095) 111-1111
E-mail: xxx

Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to write on behalf of Ivan I. Ivanov who asked me to recommend him for admission to Florida State University.

Ivan has been working under my supervision over the last year and was the student attending my lectures on course XX in Fall, XX. He is currently a X year student of the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology. The University is one of the best, largest and oldest academic institutions for Chemistry in Russia. Since January XX, Ivan is undertaking a graduation paper under my guidance. His work in the Laboratory of XX covers that part of Physical Chemistry which is basically related to Surface Chemistry.

In our research he deals with such important direction in Chemistry as the research of XX. During this work he gained valuable experience working with equipment of electron microscopy and X-ray analysis. I should emphasize here that he is very accurate and diligent in his experimental work as well as in treating the results. Ivan evolved as a dependable, intelligent, erudite, emotionally stable person who is able to generate new ideas, to find untraditional solutions, and I can add that it would not be an exaggeration, if I describe him quite assertive and sophisticated. I have no doubt that Ivan would be a good instructor thanks to his accuracy and clearance in oral expression. Also, he has a good attitude and capable of working in a group as well as acting independently. I can say that he is the best student among the ones I had supervised for the last years.

In addition, Ivan has very good knowledge of the English language because for the most part he uses English-written materials (e-libraries, data bases, articles from foreign magazines, etc.) as theoretical support for our investigations.

Seeing his serious yearning for further education, persistence and striving for purpose, I think that he will realize his huge potential and inevitably obtain excellent results in his future scientific career. I also believe that it will be very beneficial for both Florida State University and Ivan to continue his education in your graduate program. Thus I strongly recommend him for admission.


P.P. Petrov                                                10/31/2002


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