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Sample Letter of Reference for Biology

Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2003)
The Biology Student admitted to Harvard University

Dr. Petr P. Petrov,
Professor of Physics,
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,
More Titles
Institutsky Per. 9,
MIPT Dolgoprudny, 141700, Russia
Tel. (Fax) 7-095-111-1111

for Ivan Ivanov
November 16, 2002

Being the Leader of the Russian IPhO Team, I have known Ivan Ivanov since xxx, when he was studying in high school. In xxx he was a winner of the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in City, Country, and was awarded silver medal there. Also Ivan was a winner of All-Ukrainian PhOs, Young Physicists Tournaments during 1994-1997.

His first year of undergraduate studies Ivan spent in the XX Department of XX National University. Next year he continued his study at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). I was not surprised when Ivan was admitted to our institute as a second year transfer student. It is necessary to notice that no more than five students are admitted in such a way per year. For that they have to pass thorough examinations and show substantial irreproachable knowledge of physics and mathematics, as well as high clarity of thoughts.

Studying at the Institute is very hard but Ivan became one of the top students here. This judgment is supplied by the fact that Ivan was a winner of MIPT Undergraduate students Physics Olympiad (2nd position in xxx), successfully participated in All-Russian students Theoretical Mechanics Olympiad. He has got only the highest grades on all subjects, thus his GPA is 4.0 so far. For such excellence in studies and research work Ivan was selected two times as a Soros Student.

Every year a small group of students and MIPT professors conduct winter and summer sessions of the Russian IPhO Team. The aim of the sessions is to select and to train the team of 5 high school students. For this reason we turn to students of MIPT, generally former participants of IPhOs, who proved themselves to be excellent students. They invent problems to solve, give seminars, laboratory classes and examine high school students’ knowledge of physics. Ivan Ivanov belongs to this small group of students. I have to mention that Ivan started his teaching practice as early as while studying at XX University. He conducted sessions, training high school students for All-Ukrainian and International PhOs. So when he joined our group he started work at full capacity. He demonstrated brilliant mental abilities and experimental skills, so we decided to try Ivan as a member of the Board of the Final Stage of Russian PhO in xxx. I was impressed by his performance, so I invited him in xxx as well. I have no doubts that this activity gave him an excellent teaching practice.

Working at MIPT for many years I can compare Ivan’s abilities with those of other MIPT students. For the last 8 years I have known several students like Ivan quite well. For example XX, XX and XX (all of them are graduate students at Harvard now), XX, XX and XX (they are graduate students at MIT), XX (University of California at Berkeley). I am sure that all of them (including Ivan Ivanov) belong to the top 2% of MIPT students. Those listed above are, of course, very different and every one of them is unordinary person in his own way. Still they have one feature in common, namely, it is their independent, maybe sometimes erratic, way of study. Due to this feature their knowledge of physics is often far greater than required. For example, XX, XX and XX were offered graduate admission by several U.S. Universities while being in their second year of studies at MIPT.

Ivan has a strong and motivated desire to be a scientist. He is diligent, bright-minded and trust-worthy in every way.
I highly recommend Ivan Ivanov for further education at your department.

Sincerely Yours,

Petr Petrov


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