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GMAT Preparation Tips

We hope that this website has convinced you of the need to prepare for the GMAT...and the rewards for doing it well. For a luck few, that preparation will involve just a practice test or two before going on to score a 750 on the real thing. Most people, however, will have to invest a fair number of hours at home with self-study books and software, at a preparation school, or with a private instructor before they feel confident they can post the score they want. Here are the minimum steps to take in your preparation:

1. Carefully read the GMAT bulletin front to back.

2. Research your schools' average incoming GMAT scores to get a feel fro your target score (this book has all the answers!).

3. Take a reputable practice test before scheduling the real thing. You'll need a baseline score from which to gauge the amount of time you'll need to invest in preparation, and your strengths and weaknesses. Nearly all GMAT prep books include full-length tests. Some test centers offer from mock GMATs.

4. Based on this diagnostic test (and perhaps in consultation with a GMAT pro) plot out your own plan of study and training.

5. Even if your practice test score was a perfect 800, make certain you do at least some training on computer to familiarize yourself with the CAT interface and timing.

6. Schedule your preparation so that it won't conflict with your application essay writing. Some "intensive" preparation programs offer great returns in only a week or two of work, and so you might be tempted to put off your prep until, say, December before your January deadline. Try to avoid procrastinating. Your GMAT score will be good for five years, so why not start now and get out of the way?

Once you've done the above, take a look at the gap between your practice test score and your target score. If there is no gap, or you exceeded your target score, then congratulation! You're ready to take the test right away.

If there is a gap, spend some time meditating on the choice between self-study using one or more of the many GMAT test preparation books on the market, and guided study in a test preparation center.

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