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Nothing sums up the competitive nature of the MBA admissions process quite like the GMAT CAT. A few statistics paint a stark picture:

Each year some 200,000 young professionals take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Of these, only about 12,000 will score high enough to meet or exceed the average scores reported by most Top 20 programs. And of these, only 4,000 will meet or exceed the reported average score at Stanford's Graduate School of Business - the most competitive b-school in terms of test scores.

Obviously, solid preparation is key. While nothing substitutes for hitting the books or training at a quality test preparation center, the following pages will get you off to a good start. We'll tell you how to register for the test, give you a rundown on test structure, scoring and question types, and end with some score-building strategies. Think of these pages as an extra 30 or 40 points on the real thing.

If you're an international student (that is, a non-native English-speaker), you'll be asked to take the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as well. As the name implies, this test is designed to determine if your English is advanced enough to meet the language challenge of an American academic environment.
Again, some preparation is crucial (even if you're a fluent English-speaker) to make certain your skills are shown at their best on the test. To that end, we'll give you a rundown on TOEFL structure, question types, and point-winning strategies.

Finally, we'll review some of your test-prep options and suggest choices that provide the highest value-added. Good luck!

Online Preparation Courses

GMAT Courses: Provides downloadable GMAT preparation courses, free sample questions, and GMAT registration information.

The following Indian companies also provide online GMAT prep courses starting from $18.

  • Crack-GMAT
  • 800Score

GMAT Books

GMAT Official Guide: The only study guide with real GMAT� questions—and their answers—developed by the test creators.

Onsite GMAT Class

  • Kaplan
  • Princeton Review
  • etc..

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