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GMAT Test Locations and Centers in Belgium

Test Center Information
Test Center: European Telematic Group SA
Address: ETG - European Telematic Group
Avenue E. De Mot 19, 5th floor
Brussels, 1000
Telephone: +32 2 639 68 80
Directions: Test Center Conditions and Procedures :
30 minutes RULE !!
Make sure you know where the test center is and arrive there at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled Graduate Management Admission Test� (GMAT�) appointment. You will need to check in when you arrive at the test center. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, you may not be admitted, and your test fee may be forfeited

Other exams : at least 15 minutes in advance, or more according to the rules.

Location :
Brussels, between the end of Av. Louise and Av. Franklin is Av. De Mot
Number 19 is marked "office des proprietees", the exams are on the 5th floor.
(exit to your right from the elevator)

ETG - European Telematic Group
Avenue E. De Mot 19, 5th floor
Brussels 1000

If you need additional opening hours please send us an email.



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