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Onsite GMAT Class: GMAT Prep Classes

Okay, we hear you asking yourself, "Do I really have to go back to school just to prepare to go back to school?" And we agree it sounds not only bizarre, but also downright painful. But hey, no pain, no gain. You only get one shot as Stanford' s Graduate School of Business, so how badly do you want it?


Personalized feedback - A good training center will help you understand where your individual strengths and weaknesses are and how you can work to improve to get the score you want to go to the school of your choice. Get the picture?

More than one explanation - A good GMAT prep class will make certain you understand key concepts and strategies by explaining them in different ways, and by reinforcing them at different times. This variety and repetition is a key part of the learning process, and explains why centers routinely post better results than mere training books.

Methods and strategies - The established centers have over the years acquire vast stores of GMAT "secrets" that will help you understand the test and use appropriate strategies and methods to gain a higher score. In fact, it is these "knowledge assets" that have made companies such as Kaplan so successful.

Proprietary material - Along with the methods, a good center will provide more practice tests and questions than you will likely have time for. Furthermore, they should offer sophisticated CD ROM and computer training facilities. Don't underestimate the value of a few extra practice tests!

Motivation - Quality training is as much about motivation as about knowledge or strategies. A good center can provide the kind of atmosphere and personal support you might need to get the most out of yourself.


Variable quality - The rising popularity of the MBA has led to a number of new entrants in the field of test preparation. Some of these companies haven't the resources or experience to offer substantial study materials or a truly well-conceived course taught by trained teachers. In fact, some do little more than talk students through an off-the-shelf test prep book. So check carefully. Does the center have its own materials? How experienced are the teachers? A quality center will have nothing to hide!

Commitment required - No matter how good the course or the instructor, only you can take the actual test. And so if you're going to get your money's worth from a center, you must be prepared to open up your schedule, go to class, and yes, even do your homework. If you simply don't have the time or energy, a training center might not be for you.


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