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GMAT Books: GMAT Prep Book and Software

The following titles represents the best of the books available for the GMAT.

Kaplan GMAT: Excellent software with lots of practice questions and explanations. The book provides solid content review for the test as well as strategies for time management. The verbal section could use reinforcement.

The Princeton Review Cracking the GMAT: The Princeton Review tends to focus on the tricks and techniques to help you score higher on the test day. Good simulation software, though the book could use more sample questions.

Nova GMAT Prep Course: Recent GMAT publisher, producing solid material, though not the strongest software on the market.

ARCO - Everything You need to Score High on the GMAT: Arco has a good reputation for writing challenging questions for the test.

Barrons - How to Prepare for the GMAT: Barrons have been editing test prep books for many years, and the 12th edition is much needed to update their current range of titles.

IDG - The Unofficial Guide to the GMAT CAT: Despite a few errors, the book has a good question bank, and the software simulates the real test very well.


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