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Teaching Assistantship

Graduate Teaching Assistants are those graduate students who are involved in instruction, usually of undergraduates. Teaching conducted by GTAs constitutes a significant portion of the total instruction. Qualified GTAs perform instructional duties in an area of their particular expertise, most often within their home departments, although qualified GTAs may perform teaching duties outside their departments.

Duties include:

1. actual instruction in a classroom setting;
2. instruction in recitation sections;
3. conducting help sessions and holding office hours to advise students on class assignments;
4. assisting with laboratory setup;
5. grading papers, exams, laboratory reports, and homework; and
6. other duties pertaining to the instructional mission .

The faculty members oversee all GTA teaching duties. GTAs are usually assigned to work from 15 to 20 hours per week.

GTA tuition waivers are available on a limited basis, and eligibility does not guarantee a waiver. By approval of the department or the Graduate Vice Provost, graduate assistantships may be terminated, tuition waivers withdrawn, or salary rates changed at any time. Appointment approval and continuation authority reside with the Graduate Vice Provost. The Division of Graduate Education is in no way obligated to award tuition waivers based on promises made by departments. Refer to the section on Tuition Waivers.

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