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Online Scholarship Search Tools

Once you've searched the University for scholarships and you are ready to look for more, don't forget to look close to home. Local resources such as community organizations, workplaces, faith institutions, and even local businesses may provide scholarships. So, in addition to using the links below and researching opportunities at the library, ask around the neighborhood.

Online tools

Many free scholarship search tools on the Web provide information on scholarships available nationwide. Some of them are listed below.

The College Board

College Express Search


FinAID: The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid

Scholarships.com: Free College Scholarship Search & Financial Aid resource

Thomson-Peterson's Financing Education

USNEWS financial aid

Collegiate and public libraries

The University of Minnesota has multiple libraries on campus. Each library has an array of resource materials to search for scholarships. Any public library will also have resources to search for scholarships. A few good, current books to look for:

  • "Don't Miss Out: The Ambitious Student's Guide to Financial Aid 2006-07," (Octameron Associates)
  • "The College Board Scholarship Handbook 2007," (College Board)
  • "Kaplan Scholarships 2007 Edition," (Kaplan Publishing)


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