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Athletic scholarships and grants

Student athletic scholarships are awarded to varsity athletes by their coaches in compliance with the policies and procedures of the University, the Big Ten Conference, the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA), and The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Athletic awards can be full grant-in-aid that covers the costs of tuition, fees, books, and room and board or partial grant-in-aid for a fixed dollar amount; a specific charge such as tuition and fees; or a percentage of a grant-in-aid.

Each team is assigned a scholarship limit by the NCAA based on the total number of full grant-in-aid awards the sport is allowed to offer during the academic year. The head coach decides how to distribute the funds among the student athletes.

To receive the full value of any aid awarded by the head coach you must sign your scholarship tender by the first day of the semester.

Athletic award disbursement

Books and supplies

Obtain all required textbooks by going to the scholarship desk at the University Bookstore. You will be on the list of student-athletes with book scholarships. Do not charge your books to your University student account using your U Card. You must return all books/materials at the end of each semester or you will be billed for 75 percent of the original cost. If you need your books past the end of the term contact the Athletic Compliance scholarship coordinator prior to the initial book return deadline.

Check out any required supplies listed in your course syllabus from the scholarship desk at the University Bookstore, in the same manner as your required books.


The Athletic Compliance scholarship coordinator will apply the tuition and required fees portion of your athletic scholarship directly to your University student account. If you do not waive any optional fees or the University Health Insurance at the time you register for classes, you will be billed for them. Athletic aid cannot cover the cost of optional/non-required fees.

On-campus living

If you reside on campus, the scholarship coordinator will apply the room portion of your athletic scholarship for payment of housing charges in your University student account.

If the scholarship coordinator has information to indicate you are signed up for a meal plan, payment will be made directly to your student account to pay for those charges. The maximum meal plan that can be covered by your athletic scholarship is the 19 meals per week plan. If you choose the unlimited meal plan, you will be billed for the difference.

Off-campus living

If you reside off campus, the board/meal plan portion of your athletic scholarship will be requested and you will receive four payments for your housing throughout each semester. A direct deposit refund will be sent to the bank account (checking or savings) you have set up for direct deposit.

Your first room and board refund will be sent the first week of classes for the term. Be aware that your refund may be delayed if you still have eligibility issues pending or other outstanding issues.

Tentative 2006-2007 refund schedule

2006 fall semester
September 1 (for September)
September 27(for October)
October 31 (for November)
November 29 (for December)

2007 spring semester
January 16 (for half of January and February)
February 28 (for March)
March 28 (for April)
April 27 (for May)

Direct deposit

You are strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit for any of your scholarship and financial aid refunds. Refunds are sent from the University to the bank account on file for you in approximately three (3) business days. You can use a checking or savings account of your choice. Always remember to check your bank account balance to ensure the refund has been deposited before spending the money.

International student-athletes

If you are an international student, you may have up to 14 percent of their award amount withheld from the room and board portion of your athletic award for U.S. income tax purposes. You must have a U.S. tax identification number before any room and board payments can be approved. Contact the scholarship coordinator to inquire about getting a tax identification number.

Partial scholarship recipients

Please refer to the distribution letter sent to you from the financial aid coordinator for a break down of the costs covered by your scholarship.



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