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Parts of a Business Letter

You will get better results by making your audience the focus of the letter, not yourself. Anticipate how the letter will look, sound, and seem to your audience. Re-word sentences to eliminate some of the "I" and "my" emphasis and concentrate on what you can do for the reader. By saying what you CAN do, you avoid sounding negative.

Your objectives of communication when composing a business letter are as follows:

  • to be understood exactly as you intended
  • to secure a response to your message–and where applicable, a favorable one
  • to maintain favorable relations with those with whom you communicate
  • to be absolutely correct in each and every statement you make

To achieve these goals, your business letter should include the following elements:

Primary Element: The letter's important "news" -your reason for writing-should be in the first paragraph.

Secondary Element: Information that develops the "news" should be in the middle paragraph(s), including:

  • explanations
  • supporting details
  • reasons the reader should act

Closing Element: The last paragraph should tell the reader what action to do next, including:

  • clarification that suggests course of action
  • statements that tell the reader what attitude or response is required

Two kinds of business letter are as follows:


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