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Direct or Deductive Business Letter

Good-news letter (acceptance, announcements, information, granting requests, reminders, thank-yous, congratulations):

  • Best news/main idea
  • Explanation
    • necessary details
    • background information
  • Positive, friendly closure
    • appreciation
    • clear statement of action desired/motivation to action

Direct-request letter (simple claim letters, some collection letters, asking simple favors, seeking information, placing orders, reserving rooms, etc.):

  • Main idea
    • request, main statement, or question
    • reasons, if necessary
  • Further explanation
    • all necessary and desirable details
    • optional, but often helpful devices (charts, graphs, lists, headings)
  • Courteous closure/motivation to action
    • clear statement of action desired
    • information to make the action easier
    • appreciation

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