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Dear Salutation,

Here starts the body of the letter. Note that after the salutation, there can either be a comma or a colon--either one is appropriate. You might use the colon in a more formal situation, or if you're addressing a company, rather than an individual. Circumstance determines convention.

Note that paragraphs are not indented, but instead designated by extra spaces. You'll also note the one inch margins all around, including after the letterhead, if space permits. Actually, the letter should be centered on the page, based on its total length, including the complimentary close and any instructions like "cc:" or "encl."

Paragraphs should, like in any business writing situation, be brief, clear, and to the point. Extra long paragraphs may get skipped and should therefore be devoted to crucial details necessary for the recipient to know or act upon. The first paragraph should handle all the journalistic W's: why, when, where, who, what, and how. The subsequent paragraphs should then supply the details as needed, or the solutions to the situations presented.

Letters should be formal in nature; informal correspondence should be reserved for memos. Remember that letters will usually be filed and kept as records (by both you and the recipient), so you should never include anything in a letter that can come back to "haunt" you.

Finally, you should close your letter with the appropriate complimentary close. "Sincerely" is usually appropriate, although a "Sincerely Yours" will work if you know the recipient well. The other options are, as in the book, "Very truly yours," "Best wishes," or "Regards." Do not use the simple, "Best"; it doesn't say much--"best what"?


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