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What Does MBA Means: Acronym MBA - What Is the Definition of MBA

What does MBA Means?
The Tuck School in New Hampshire was the first to develop the MBA program at the beginning of the previous century. This program was developed originally as an administrative qualification, emphasizing finance and accounting. In the l950's, the new Harvard business school developed a program for teaching which serves as the basis for most business school training till the present day.

Master of Business Administration: a postgraduate qualification awarded after a period of study of topics relating to the strategic management of businesses. A Master of Business Administration course can be taken at a business school or university, and covers areas such as finance, personnel, and resource management, as well as the wider business environment and skills such as information technology use. The course is mostly taken by people with experience of managerial work, and is offered by universities worldwide. Part-time or distance learning MBAs are available, so that students can study while still working. There is an increasing number of MBA graduates, as an MBA is seen as a passport to a better job and higher salary. For many positions at a higher level within organizations, an MBA is now a prerequisite.

What Is the Definition of MBA?
The Harvard program is based on teaching real-life case studies. Students receive all the basics in business management in such core subjects as finance, economics, human resources, marketing, IT, strategy and leadership. Added to these basics there is a supplement of a range of optional subjects such as entrepreneurship, consulting, brand management and ethics. These all contribute to the future expertise of the MBA graduate in the business world. The MBA stands for a graduate with expertise in many fields. General programs are giving way in some business schools to courses that are highly specialized. The ESSEC School in France, teaches an MBA in Luxury Brand Management while Nottingham in the UK covers Insurance and Risk Management. At the Liverpool University MBA stands for a program that highlights Football Management.

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