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Types of MBA Programs

The type of MBA program you choose has a great bearing on what it costs.

Part-Time MBA Programs
Because part-time programs may take up to five years to complete, direct costs are spread over a longer period of time and allow the student to keep working. If you are working, and an MBA will improve your position within the organization, your employer may pay for your education.

Full-Time Two-Year MBA Programs
You will usually need supplemental financial assistance to meet expenses.

Accelerated Programs - Full-Time One-Year MBA Programs

These are full-time, intensive courses of study that are completed in about twelve months.

Executive MBA Programs
These are generally held on weekends, and have a curriculum designed for experienced working professionals. Study is completed in approximately two years. Many students are sponsored
by their current employers. >>EMBA Rankings

Online/Distance Programs
Some MBA programs offer their degree online, either totally or as part of their program.


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