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University of Pittsburgh Katz MBA

University of Pittsburgh
Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Accreditation: AACSB
Year Founded:

Degree Granted: Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Program Type: Full-time
Delivery Format: Classroom Setting
Program Length: 2 Academic Years
Web Site: http://www.katz.pitt.edu

The Katz MBA program will give you a competitive advantage. The environment is intensive, team driven and professional. The program provides a curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant, and the faculty who are teaching are top in their fields. They are active in the business community through consulting and other engagements bringing the relevance of these experiences to the classroom. The program will challenge your thinking in key business areas and will allow you to concentrate in one of these areas.

A long-standing program, the University of Pittsburgh’s MBA experience provides you with a diverse group of classmates and a strong alumni network. Composed of men and women representing an array of organizations, cultures, educational backgrounds, industries and experiences, this network will become an important part of your professional life as you improve your skills to lead and serve.

The Full-time MBA program at The Katz School is comprised of our One-Year MBA, Two-Year MBA and MBA Dual Degree program options. The data listed for our One-Year and Two-Year MBA programs provides you with a full composite picture of iall ncoming full-time students at Katz. Students at the Katz School take the same core courses, regardless of the program in which they are enrolling.

Application Deadlines

Start Date: August 28, 2007
Application Deadlines
Deadline 1: November 1, 2006
Deadline 2: December 1, 2006
Deadline 3: January 15, 2007
Deadline 4: March 1, 2007

Final Deadline, Domestic Applicants: March 1, 2007
Final Deadline, International Applicants: January 15, 2007

Application Fee: 50 USD (United States of America, Dollars)

Total Program Cost

Total program costs below were estimated based on one year’s tuition and required fees. Please visit the school’s Web site for the most current information.

Resident: 33,168 USD (United States of America, Dollars)
Non-Resident: 47,804 USD (United States of America, Dollars)
International: 47,804 USD (United States of America, Dollars)

Financial Aid
Web site: http://www.katz.pitt.edu/mba_adm_aid.html

Admission Statistics:
Completed Applications Received: 521
Offers of Admission: 255 (48.9%)
Enrolled Students: 126 (49.4%)

Entering Class Statistics:

Citizenship Information: 16 countries are represented.

United States, Canada, or Bermuda (35%)
Asia (18%)
Central Asia (9%)
Western Europe (4%)
Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America (2%)
Africa (1%)


Primary Area of Study for First Degree:

Mean: 26
Median: 25
Middle 80% Age Range: 22 to 31

Years of Work Experience:
Mean: 2.9 years
Median: 2.2 years
Middle 80%: 0.0 years to 5.0 years
Full Range: 0.0 years to 17.7 years

Undergraduate GPA (U.S. Students Only):
Mean: 3.2
Median: 3.3
Middle 80%: 2.7 to 3.7

GMAT� Information:
Mean: 620
Median: 620
Middle 80%: 540 to 700

Employment statistics reported here for graduates of the Two-Year MBA program reflect all information received as of September 30, 2006 for the 12-month period ending June 30, 2006. 

[-] Overall Job Acceptance

Total class: 127  
Seeking employment: 71 (55.91%)  
Received offer by three months after graduation: 67 (94.37%)  

[+] Overall compensation
[+] Job Acceptance and Salary by Functional Area
(U.S. Dollars)

[+] Job Acceptance and Salary by Industry (U.S. Dollars)
[+] Job Acceptance and Salary by Geographic Region
(U.S. Dollars) 

[+] Job Acceptance and Salary by Undergraduate/First Degree Major (U.S. Dollars) 
[-] Job Acceptance and Salary by Professional Experience (U.S. Dollars) 
  Percent Accepting Offers Mean Salary Median Salary Range of Salary
One Year or Less 29.0% $64,000 $61,000 $38,000 - $110,000
More than One Year, Up to Three Years 16.0% $65,000 $62,000 $43,000 - $88,000
More than Three Years, Up to Five Years 22.0% $66,000 $62,000 $45,000 - $90,000
More than Five Years 33.0% $71,000 $70,000 $55,000 - $98,000


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